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Tips on Maintaining Immune System, Health, and Good Mood

The following article gives some brief recommendations about increasing your immunity. Pass the test and learn how you can change your li...

The following article gives some brief recommendations about increasing your immunity. Pass the test and learn how you can change your lifestyle and health. 

How to Increase Immunity by Avoiding Stress?

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. William James

Have you ever felt stress? Did you know that stress can directly affect your health and chances to catch a disease? The following recommendations are aimed to let you know how easily you can maintain your health. Following them can lead to increasing your life’s expectancy and quality.

The human body is a complicated system. Despite much knowledge about it, it is not full yet, even though the majority of facts have been already confirmed by scientists. In order to increase your physical and mental health, try to get rid of unnecessary work. There are a lot of websites on the Internet (this one, for example, that can help you with writing.

They say immunity must stay normal. If it is too weak it cannot overcome infections. If it is too strong, it can begin fighting the organism itself, considering it to be something foreign.

And it can lead to the development of immune diseases, allergy or lupus, for instance. It is important to maintain a definite balance which allows controlling the immune system, so it can work steadily. A lot of scientists confirmed that a person who has got favorite work gets sick fewer times.

You can pass a standard test to determine how strong your immunity is. It is known that various people react to stress differently. For example, some people plunge into shock and apathy and other are stimulated by stress. It is known that a negative reaction exerts worse influence than the situation happening to people. The test that is offered to pass through shows how emotions affect immunity. Give answers “yes” or “no” to the following questions:

When a stressful situation appears, you:

● Feel the tension in muscles
● Feel a headache appear
● Suffer from stomach pains
● Are worried about palpitations
● Clench your jaws until your teeth squeak
● Breath quickly
● Become nervous
● Become short-tempered
● Feel you are covered with cold sweat
● Feel shivering or goose-skin

If the majority of answers are positive, you are an emotional person. However, these emotions cannot be called positive because you jeopardize your health. It is known that many diseases are connected with our nervous system. How to stabilize your immunity in this case? There are several simple methods of challenging extreme situations.
8 Methods for Fighting Stress and Health Improvement

How can you increase your immunity to house conditions? Is it real? Yes, if you follow some simple rules.

Stimulate Your Brain Activity
Marian Diamond, a neurophysiology specialist claims that it is easy to get your health back to normal. She is convinced that there exists a direct connection between the sections of the brain that are responsible for planning, memory and abstract thinking. They are connected with protective barriers of our organism as well. If a brain turns on at least one of its protective functions, it lets increase the immunity.

Communicability and Good-Fellowship
Another neurophysiologist called Barry Beetman has come to one discovery. It appeared that communication with relatives, their attention, and support can directly affect the immune system by strengthening it.

During the experiment, he managed to prove that people who often meet their friends, relatives, colleagues or beloved people have a lower risk to get sick compared to less communicable people. The “contact” therapy is conducted. Touches are important as they stimulate the activity of T-cells. These cells are able to identify and destroy not only bacteria and viruses but also cancer centers.

Decrease Level of Noise
For good health, you need to watch the strange loud noises disturbing you. Any noise can lead to muscle tension. It can become an origin of spasms and can provoke increasing the arterial pressure and cholesterol level. The scientific research conducted by Cornwall University shows that a woman working in the atmosphere with loud noises can have an adrenalin outburst.

Its level is much higher than it could be with people working in silence. In addition, it can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases. A greater damage to health can be brought by signals of upcoming danger, like police signal, dogs’ barking or car alarm system.

It was proven a long time ago that optimistic people feel much better than pessimists. These conclusions are easy to explain. When your point of view of different things is positive it lets maintain good mood and state of health. The medical staff of “Mayo” clinic proved that optimistic people live much longer than pessimistic ones.

The difference can reach a term of twelve years. Psychologist Ann Marsland confirms by her researches that gloomy and sad people who get nervous often and react acutely to stress show a weak immune reaction to hepatitis vaccination. You cannot change your temper radically but you can educate an optimist inside yourself by changing your attitude to many things.

Active lifestyle
How to increase immunity owing to activity? This recommendation is not difficult either. Active people feel much better because it affects an organism positively. For increasing the activity of white cells and mobilizing the body’s forces to fight diseases you need to get used to physical exercises. Do not be too excessive though. Long and devastating exercises will only undermine your immunity.

Eat Properly

Do not starve in order to save your organism from stress. Weight loss will be reached not owing to fat burning and the activity of T-cells will decrease. Watch your water balance and do not tolerate dehydration. There are several diet methods that include immune stimulators. However, they are useful only for fighting the cold. Their excessive use can lead to problems with health.

Sleep in Darkness
Only in darkness, our organism can produce melatonin which is known as a biorhythm regulator. It is produced at night in amounts enough for endocrine system regulation. Scientists from the USA proved that people who fall asleep with lights on are more likely to have cancer than people who turn all sources of light off. 

Excessive physical training
Do not engage in sports too intensively, as it can lead to decreasing immunity and chronic tiredness syndrome. Usually, young people who popularize healthy lifestyle are liable to it. As scientists claim, this disease can damage nervous, muscle and immune systems.

That is how you can protect and support your immune system. These rules are not complicated and must not be a secret for anyone. If you feel uncomfortable, stressed and fatigued, follow them and you will see results in just a few days.