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7 Top Websites To Make Money Online As A Freelancer

Freelance Websites for the freelancer are important for their jobs. Also freelance includes providing services to businesses and clients onl...

Freelance Websites for the freelancer are important for their jobs. Also freelance includes providing services to businesses and clients online. As a freelancer, you can work at home either full time or part time. As a freelancer, you can make your contract that enables you to work many jobs at the same time. so we are talking about the top freelance wesites to make money as a freelancer.

7 Top freelance websites to make money online as a freelancer
There are many websites to make money as a freelancer. There are seven top websites for the freelancers. These websites are

1- Upwork
Upwork is one of the top freelance websites for the freelancer. Also Upwork has twelve million freelancers, and many clients. Upwork enables the clients to work with freelancers on its own platform. Also to make finding freelancers process as quick as possible it has a real-time chat platform. On Upwork there are Three million jobs are posted. As a freelancer you can have a set price for each project and you get rated depending on how well you do. Jobs can be in fixed-price or as hourly paid. Upwork has software on its platform to allow recording of the hours worked. Furthermore the work on Upwork includes writing, designing, virtual assistants, and paralegal work.

Upwork Website

2- Fiverr
Fiverr is one of the most famous websites. Also it is a good website for making money as a freelancer. It offers all kinds of services. It is a good platform to let freelancers to connect with companies. Through this platform you can sell your services. It starts at $5 per job.

Fiverr Website

3- People per Hour
People per Hour is one of the popular websites for freelancers. Also it concentrates more on web projects, including developers, SEO, writers, and coders. This platform has a WorkStream tool. This tool organizes communication, payment, and management. Also it helps to maximize business side of your work. You can send proposals for work, and make a video to promote your services. This before you sign up for a premium plan. By browsing in this platform you can find jobs, and get email notifications for the new.

People per Hour Website

4- 99 Designs
99 Designs is a good website for designers. Also this website has over one million designers registered from all over the world. They can connect to clients, and show their work. The client can give information concerning the business, and the required logo type. After that the designers send in their work and the client can choose the required work. Also the clients can choose the designer they want. This is through looking at portfolios, and reviews.

99Designs Website

5- Guru
Guru is one of the oldest, and most popular freelancer websites. Also It has many freelancers registered. It has all freelancer types but the work on this platform concentrates more on technical, or business projects. As a freelancer you can creat your profile and submit quotes to open jobs. The clients will see your quote and choose to work with you. Be sure that you submit a compelling quote. There are payment options. You can choose to be paid per hour, week, month, or per task. this will be through invoices alone or through Guru’s Safe pay option.

Guru Website

6- iFreelance
iFreelance is a popular website for freelancers. It has many categories. These categories include photography, videography, traditional art, writing, marketing, architecture translation,, engineering, and others. It is simple to set up an account and start the search for the suitable project.

iFreelance Website

7- Freelancer
Freelancer is a popular network. Also Freelancer has many services for freelancers in marketing, writing, web design, and others. The clients can offer their projects with a money prize, and freelancers can compete in this.


Freelancer Website


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