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How To Reassure Your Roommate To Have A Cat

How To Reassure Your Roommate To Have A Cat Getting a pet is always a big deal, and you will need to confirm with your roommate ...

How To Reassure Your Roommate To Have A Cat
Getting a pet is always a big deal, and you will need to confirm with your roommate to see if doing so is acceptable. Now some people may have reservations by welcoming a cat into the home. However, these fears are typically unjustified. Cats are great pets that can enhance the household with a minimum of hassle.
We will let you know some convincing information that you can pass on to your roommate to make them pro-cat.

Cats Are Independent
You will find that cats don’t require babysitting. They are self-sufficient and can look after themselves for days. That’s not to say that you should be slack about feeding and playing with them, however, they won't need lots of attention. This is in sharp contrast to other pets (dogs!) that need constant looking after.
Make sure that your roommate is aware that having a cat will only require a very small workload.

Cats Are Cheap To Look After
After some initial investments such as bedding, a scratching post, and kitty litter, you will find it pretty easy to afford a cat. You just need to buy them food, and that’s about it. Of course, you can always spoil you furry friendly with toys and accessories.
Regardless of how you plan to manage the cat expenses (you pay, your roommate pays, or you split the bill) neither of you is likely to be out of pocket. Just make sure you have some spare funds for the initial setup.

Cats Are (Usually) Quiet
Unlike some pets (we are looking at you again dogs), cats don’t cause much noise disturbance. You're not going to hear them howling in the night. Rather, you will only need to listen to the occasional loud purring.
The only exception is if a cat and dog collide (In that case, things will get very loud).
If your roommate is concerned about noise, then you can quickly lay this issue to rest. 

A Cat Makes A Great Playmate
Face it; cats are fun. Just start throwing around a toy, get the animal moving, and you will be in for a good time. Let your roommate know that when they are bored, they will have an instant source of entertainment
The same goes for companionship. If you're going to be away on holiday and your roommate will be the only person left at home, then they will still have company.

There Are Medical Benefits To Cat Ownership
Studies have shown that a cat can have a positive effect on its owner's mood and stress levels. In fact, health researchers at Prowriting recommend getting the pet to improve overall quality of life. Just being around them can cause the release of beneficial hormones.
Let your roommate know that a cat will provide real health benefits

You Won't Become A Crazy Cat Person
Cats aren’t just for crazy old reclusives. Make sure you let your roommate know that cat ownership can enhance their social life. Not only are they a conversation starter but they are also give a reason for friends to stop over for a visit (Hey, come and see my cute cat!).
Don’t forget about social media. If your roommate is a Facebook junkie then they can rake up likes with photos and videos of the cat. Just don’t let them get carried away.

Allergy Rates Are Fairly Low
You may have heard about people being allergic to cat fur. However, it is their proteins that cause symptoms. Fortunately, only around 2% of people are allergic to the pet, and many of them don’t experience severe symptoms. Of course, if your roommate is such an individual, then you are flat out of luck. The same is probably true if they are dating someone who is allergic. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts
Putting in the effort to get your roommate on board will pay benefits when you eventually get the cat. They will be able to embrace the addition to the household, rather than being annoyed by it. So try and pass along this information without sounding too much like a salesperson. You want to subtly convince them that having a cat is a great idea.  In fact, if you're really skilled, then you may be able to convince them that it was their idea in the first place.

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