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Four Features You Need To Look For In Free POS Systems

Point of sale systems come with a host of many features. Some features are commonly required in most businesses, while some features ca...

Point of sale systems come with a host of many features. Some features are commonly required in most businesses, while some features can be considered to be specific to a particular domain. When you are on the lookout for a system for your business, you need first to identify the features that will be required for smooth operations. Never look for a system that is overloaded with unwanted features, and at the same time never settle for a system that does not have the mandatory features required for smooth operations.

Barcode Reader For Retails Operations
If you are in the business of selling products, then it is highly likely that you have barcoded items, for ease of operations. For instance, if you run a supermarket or a small store, then barcoding will help to streamline operations. The system that you opt for should have a bar code reader that captures the information and transfers it to the billing module in one seamless activity. This needs to be fast and error free. Therefore choose a system that will work with a bar code reader without any compatibility issues.

Single Point For Handling Transactions Of All Kinds
Any free point of sale (POS) systems that you consider should typically have a single point for handling transactions of all kinds. For instance, if you are a restaurateur, patrons will pay by cash or card. Similarly, if you run a bar, you need a cash and card system. Therefore, this needs to be the first feature that you should look for in a POS system. And the data capture should be smooth and integrated. Entering in the details of the card payments should not take long and should be free from errors.

Sales Should Automatically Track Inventory
The system should track the inventory automatically by the sales. For instance, when you receive products, the same needs to reflect in the database of the system, the inventory. As sales get logged, changes need to be made in the inventory levels automatically.

This will help the management to understand when orders need to be placed and will also help the management to identify fat moving products which will help you to make suitable adjustments to the order cycle. Inventory management is essential across all types of businesses, from bars, restaurants, retail operations to small businesses.

Business specific features
You need to choose a system that has additional business-specific features. For instance, if you run a restaurant, the system should be integrated into a network, where the KOT gets printed automatically in the kitchen printer to save time and confusion. The moment a patron places an order with the steward, the tab that records the order should transmit the same to the point of sale system, and this information needs to be quickly transmitted to the KOT system. Similarly, business-specific features need to be available in the system that you choose.