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  Can an Application Filing Service Help You Get a Social Security Card?   Applying for any replacement document fr...

Can an Application Filing Service Help You Get a Social Security Card?


Applying for any replacement document from a government department can be a bit of a task. You’re likely to have to face long lines, overly-complex forms, and a range of requirements that might not make much sense.

For example, when you want to get a replacement social security card in most states, you need to provide proof of ID and citizenship with your application. It sounds reasonable, except that you’ll need to send in the original documents with your application.

You’d think that they’d be able to check citizenship and your proof of ID without you needing to provide this. Moreover, in some states, where the systems are set up to allow them to confirm your details using your driver’s license or state-issued ID, they can. It just hasn’t moved across to all the states yet.

Another ironic twist is that there is no two for one deal here. You would think that you could send in your passport to confirm both citizenship and your ID, but you’d be wrong. The department requires two separate documents in this case.

They have their reasons for it, and they are good ones, but it does leave those who need to apply for an SSC in something of a pickle. How do you know you have the right documents? Have you completed the forms correctly? Is there some obscure rule that you weren’t aware of?

Where Agencies Come in to the Picture

The Application Filing Service social security cards service is aimed at cutting the confusion. You:

·        Go to their site

·        Tell them what you are looking for – so, is it a new card, a replacement card, or a change of details?

·        Answer the questions that they’ll set for you

·        Pay their fee

·        And then download the completed application and the reference material about what forms to add to it

·        You’ll then submit everything to the SSA

Can They Help Me Get a Card?

If you are entitled to one, they assist you by simplifying the process of applying. You’re still going to need to collect the documents yourself, although they can help you get copies if you need them. They’ll help make sure that your application is as correct as possible.

From there, it’s up to you. You’ll have to submit the applications and follow up on its progress with the SSA.

How Do I Submit the Documents? 

You have a couple of options here. You can:

·        Head to your local SSA office and hand them in. This does mean standing in line, but if you’re using your driver’s license to prove your identity, you should get the license back at the same time

·        Mail-in your documents. This is an option if you don’t have the time to go inor the offices are not near you. You’ll be sending original ID documents, so do use registered mail when sending it out


If you’re confused on the process of replacing your SSC and need help getting the right forms, then the application agency can make the process simpler for you.