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11 Spiritual Principles for Becoming Rich

Article Written by Junaid Tahir READ SLOWLY Do not count your money. Counting makes it less. Don't save money, think how you...

Article Written by Junaid Tahir
    1. Do not count your money. Counting makes it less.
    2. Don't save money, think how you can make more money by spending the money you have. Believe in money circulation. Saving makes you a miser person.
    3. Plan to return 5% of profit back to society - This is God's bank account which gives guaranteed profit. Your consistency is the key.
    4. If God has taken some of your money back out of your expectation (Car damage, hospital visits etc), that means you are NOT spending money as per God's expectation (spending on poors, relatives, orphans, widows, etc.)
    5. Never ask someone to give you money unless it is extremely needed. People who want to be dependent on others, God keeps them dependent on others. Manage your money well so you don't have to ask someone.
    6. Ask God to make you rich at heart (Ghani). Remember Him by saying "Ya Ghani, Ya Mughni"
    7. If you have taken a loan from someone, pay it back ASAP. If you delay it deliberately, you are delaying your blessings and putting yourself more closer to challenges and complications
    8. Strictly stay away from the Interest System, its termite (دیمک) for your assets.
    9. Are you concerned (jealous) about others being rich, stop it. Cleanse your soul.
    10. Always try to have good intentions. For example: what will you do if God gives you 100 USD? Spend on yourself? Save for the future? Spend on your Wife & Kids? Remember, you won't be rich if you do not allocate money for your parents and society.
    11. Make big social plans (schools, hospitals, old-age-homes). God gives blessings when you have positive intentions for His creature.