The electric hot water heaters are similar to the gas-fueled ones. They both use storage tanks which are insulated with jackets that are made of steel with insulation between the tank jacket and the storage tank in order to reduce heat loss of the water which is heated. How do you know that there is a need for hot water repairs for your electric water heater?

When you experience no heat or little heat, this in most cases is caused by a heating element which has failed. It is easy to replace and at the same time, an inexpensive part. There are other problems which will show that you require hot water repairs which might be as a result of high home water pressure, improper settings, or lack of the maintenance of the tank. 

You can do the following:

  • Turn off the power: Electric water heaters are known to be high voltage appliances which are not safe to work with while the power is on. Before you embark on any repairs, there will be a need for you to first of all shut off the power to the circuit of the heater by turning off the hot water power breaker that is appropriate in your breaker box. Ensure that you test all the wires in the water heater using non-contact voltage tester which will confirm to you that the power is off before you touch any wires. 
  • Problems with lack of hot water: When your water heater is producing lack of hot water, it is possible that there is no power flow or it might have switched off the limit switch or one of the heating elements is faulty. You will first of all have to check the circuit breaker of the heater in the service panel to ensure that it has not tripped. In case it has, then go ahead and switch it on.

If the breaker hasn’t tripped, you will have to try and get the high -temperature limit reset that is on your heater by:
  • Turning off the hot water power breaker in the service panel to the circuit of the water heater
  • Removing the access panel for the upper heating element which is on the water heater. 
  • Go ahead and remove the plastic safety and insulation guard while at the same time being careful so that you don’t end up touching any wires or terminals to the electricals.
  • Press the red button which is the button for high temperature cut off to reset, it is located above the upper thermostat.
  • Replace the insulation, guard, and access panel
  • Turn on the circuit breaker of the heater
If after doing all that it doesn’t work, you will have to proceed and test each of the heating elements and if necessary, replace them.
  • Inadequate hot water: When you are having a problem of not enough hot water coming from your heater, it might be that the unit has become too small to meet the hot water requirements of your family. You have to ensure that the demand doesn’t exceed the capacity of the water heater.

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