The Yamaha EX is a popular option for personal recreational watercraft. It is an excellent choice for a relatively lightweight and affordable vehicle. It gets even better when you accessorize your Yamaha EX with performance, safety and convenience parts. Better yet, as with finding Yamaha
motorcycle parts online, OEM and aftermarket parts for the EX and other WaveRunners are plentiful.

As you modify your Yamaha EX, you may wonder where the right balance of performance and safety is for you. Fortunately, the relatively low weight of the EX means that a few changes can easily make give it a peppier riding experience without being unmanageable to less experienced operators.

Speeding Through the Waves
Improving the performance of your Yamaha EX can be as simple as replacing the air intake filter to allow greater flow. More air to the engine means more horsepower and greater speeds.

Alternatively, consider upgrading your fuel injection system. After markets pumps and filters can help keep your EX moving through the waves. This can be especially important in more turbulent water in which your vehicle may not be flat on its bottom.

Upgrading the Safety
Staying in control of your Yamaha EX is essential to safe operation. Consider upgrading the hand grips with aftermarket parts to give you more friction and control. For example, try the ProGrip 964 Evo ATV Grips, which are universally sized and will work on a Yamaha EX.

Alternatively, try replacing some OEM parts such as the gunwale mat to ensure you and your passengers can safety climb onto and off of the Yamaha EX. Similarly, replacing consumable OEM parts such as the intake filter can help keep your EX running smoothly.

Get Started
Whether you want aftermarket or
genuine Yamaha parts, modifying your Yamaha EX can be a rewarding experience. It is a great way to customize the ride to offer exactly what you want from your personal watercraft. 

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