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Tips On Choosing The Right Tent For Your Event

Big top hire Brisbane might be a one-stop place for you to get the best tent for your event. Wherever your event falls, whether casual o...

Big top hire Brisbane might be a one-stop place for you to get the best tent for your event. Wherever your event falls, whether casual or formal, a tent is likely to give it a special air of festivity which is unique, combining with the glamour of ballroom and the whimsy of outdoor into an intimate, forgettable and entirely personalized venue. All this can be possible through the big top hire Brisbane.

If you are considering to have a tent for whatever function you are planning next, here are some of the tips which might help you in deciding the sort of tent that might be the right fit for you.

1. Remember Your Site Size: The size of your site and the number of amenities and guests that you will use, is going to determine what size of tent that is going to work for you. You will have to allow for at least 10 feet on the perimeter of the tent so that to allow for safe anchoring and set-up. Cooking facilities, access to and from the tent, adjacent buildings, washing rooms have to be taken into consideration.

2. Consider The Surface Of Your Site: Gravel or soil could be the best staking and safest when it comes to securing the tent. However, you will find out that, there are anchoring for asphalt, sand, stone, and other surfaces available. You will also need to remember what will be beneath the ground where you are constructing the tent. There will be a need for you to check using an underground utility locator to be sure that you are placing the tent on secure ground.

3. How Is The Access For Your Tent Hire Provider?: You will have to check how accessible your venue is to the tent hire provider. Tables, heavy tent equipment, washrooms, DJ equipment all need to be able to pack in. If the site you have requires carting equipment long distance to the site from the truck, this is going to take time and thus, will require you to incur additional labor and charges. You could go for the option of getting an alternative access point, using ATV to shuttle the equipment, or utilizing smaller trucks.

4. What Of The Location? : If the event will be conducted in a valley, lakeshore or areas which are prone to wind, then you will require special staking. You might also want to opt for a tent which has walls as it will help in protecting your d├ęcor and guests from the wind. A great option could be utilizing a sliding wall, they will help in opening the tent up to a perfect day and guests being protected from some unexpected change in weather. It is possible that trees and powerlines are likely to interfere with the high peaks that are present on the tents and thus, you have to remember safety first. It is always important that you inspect the site in advance before the event in order to identify whatever concerns it might present so that you deal with them in advance.