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5 Top Causes Of Roof Problems

Building experts state one reason roofing problems turn out of control is that homeowners do not know what they should look for. In most c...

Building experts state one reason roofing problems turn out of control is that homeowners do not know what they should look for. In most cases when this occurs, it takes several costly repairs before the source of the problem is finally located.

By learning about some of the more common roof problems, you can easily avoid the most awful heartbreaks and headaches. To begin, BGM Restoration Roofing lists five of the top causes of roof problems and how you can remedy them. 

You Neglected Regular Maintenance
It is very common for homeowners to forget about their roof until there is an issue. Actually, your residential roof is a complex system that works to protect you from the elements. It takes professional roofers many years to fully understand all the workings of the different roofing designs.

However, even with little knowledge about roofing design, there are some general issues you can identify by completing a routine visual inspection one or two times per year, especially following a storm. Particularly, keep an eye out for pooling water. Also, be mindful of missing, cracked, or broken tiles or shingles; and rusted, missing, or dented flashing. These problems warrant roof repair.

Check for peeling paint on your roof overhangs and soffit, a frequent sign of moisture. Furthermore, sagging ceilings, mold, and discolorations noticeable from your attic ceiling could indicate a leak. At this time, you should also check and clean your gutters. A healthy drainage system is needed to protect your roof against excess moisture. 

Your Residential Roof Has Design Failings
This roofing problem is more serious than neglecting regular maintenance. On occasion due to structural deficiencies, roofs sag, leak, or can even collapse. Without a thorough inspection by experienced roofers like the professionals at BGM Restoration Roofing, these problems can be hard to detect.

Then again, design failings also happen when careless or inexperienced builders or roofers remove crucial structural components while making remodels. However, in most cases, roofing design failings do not require substantial reconstruction. Usually, all that is needed is a standard reroof with a skilled professional. 

A Sudden Weather Event Hit Your Roof
Extreme wind lifts and impacts result in severe, immediate damage to your home’s roof, frequently requiring an emergency repair from a professional roofer. Unfortunately, this is where many homeowners get into trouble, as “storm chasers,” or fly-by-night roofers, tend to show up immediately following a severe storm to scam vulnerable homeowners. Most times, they perform shoddy work at cutthroat rates but skip town before the roof begins to cave. These types of problems can be avoided by searching for a roofing contractor with a local office when repairs need to be made. 

Weather Over Time Impacted Your Roof
Some weather damage takes their toll subtly over a span of months or even years. Hail can cause undetectable divots on residential roof surfaces that can lead to moisture and leaks over time. It is essential to inspect for hail damage as soon as possible since homeowner insurance policies may not cover the damage if too much time has passed.

Exposure to UV rays is another cause of slow-moving roof damage. In climates where there is extreme sunlight, UV radiation exposure can degrade roofing shingle over a matter of time, necessitating more replacements and repairs. If you reside in an area where this is an issue, you can remedy the problem by using UV-resistant roofing materials on your next roof replacement. Or, use a UV-resistant protective coating to cover your existing roofing shingles. 

Your Roofing Contractor Did A Horrible Job
You put a lot of trust in your roofing contractor’s expertise and know-how, however, not all contractors deserve it. The large majority of roofing contractors are experienced professionals who are honest; however, you should protect yourself by taking some precautions. Generally, the safest bet is a roofer who comes recommended by a family member or friend.

If none of your friends or family members have dealt with roofers in their past, request references from your potential candidates and be sure to follow up on each of them. Always get at least three estimates on each roofing project. This can help to gauge the costs in your location. Never go with someone only because they gave the lowest bid. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is often true. The majority of roof disasters can be avoided by utilizing some roofing knowledge.

To learn more about the causes of roof problems, speak with an expert at BGM Restoration Roofing today!

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