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Golf Course Management

Americans are drawn to the game of golf . It offers competition and exercise yet without high levels of physical stress. It’s best enjoy...

Americans are drawn to the game of golf. It offers competition and exercise yet without high levels of physical stress. It’s best enjoyed in a small group, which lends to ample opportunities for bonding with friends or networking with business associates. More than 15,000 courses are scattered throughout the U.S., and each provides players with its own unique set of challenges. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and participation among women and non-whites is on the rise. Golf is a great game, but for some it’s become a captivating career. More and more golfing enthusiasts are studying sports management in order to earn his or her green on the green. Here are some reasons the fairway may be your way to a new career.


People who love golf are truly committed to the sport. Some plan summer vacations or even retirements around it, trying to play as many courses as possible. If this sounds familiar, a golf career could be ideal for you. Your workplace could be a favorite place and your daily responsibilities would revolve around a game that is near and dear to your heart.


If you ever worried over water hazards or soured at sand traps, a superintendent’s position may be to your liking. With a supervisory role at a course, you will be intimately linked with your links as you oversee all aspects of operation. You will be responsible for hiring staff and investing in the technical expertise of golf course management companies. You might look to landscaping or peruse plant possibilities to make a course more challenging or enchanting. Managing a budget, building a membership base and purchasing necessary equipment are more ways you’ll plot the course for your course.


Although many dream of being a pro golfer on the PGA or LPGA tours, there are many other rewarding and exciting positions that are far more realistic. A sports management degree can land a lucrative career as superintendent of a course or country club. As a groundskeeper, you’ll spend your days on the fairway maintaining the physical aspects of the course. If you have a talent for teaching, coaching at a college or high school could be an endearing endeavor. Other exciting opportunities await in the ever-evolving world of equipment design and development.
Don’t let your desk job drag you down. If you love the links, try a career in the golf industry to make your fee from the tee.

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