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How To Earn Money By Becoming A Task Rabbit

Who Is a Task Rabbit: A Task Rabbit is a person who performs home related jobs in the community such as grocery pick up from store, ...

Who Is a Task Rabbit:

A Task Rabbit is a person who performs home related jobs in the community such as grocery pick up from store, packing and assembling, tire replacement, garden cleaning, mounting and installation, takings kids to nearest garden and many others.


What Skills Do I Need to Possess:

From "No skills" to "Fully Skilled" depending upon your service offering. For example if you are offering furniture movement, you don’t need any skills. However if you are offering plumbing assistance then you do need the required skill set. Generally speaking, you are not expected to be highly expert in your domain yet you must have clear understanding and experience of the work you are offering.


What Services Can I Offer to My Community:

ü Need on basis Driver
ü Gardener
ü Home Teaching for kids
ü Grocery Pick Up
ü Car Wash at home
ü Packing and Assembling
ü Car Battery Replacement
ü Petrol Pick Up
ü Light or deep Cleaning of home or at construction site
ü Home Repairing
ü General Activities
ü Heavy Lifting
ü Watchman
ü Adhoc services to restaurants
ü Adhoc services to garages
ü Adhoc services to event (Wedding, funeral, Sports activity etc.)
ü Plumbing Assistance
ü Lunch delivery to schools
ü Furniture shifting for white wash
ü Carpets Washing
ü Pet Sitting
ü Scout or Guide Job at Railway Station, Airport etc.
ü Adhoc helper at factory, large store
ü Becoming Delivery boy for grocery store
ü Medicine Purchasing
ü Flat Tire replacement

Where to Start From

ü Learn basic skills such as gardening, fitting, drilling, tire replacement etc. If you have a motor bike or a cycle, it will be added advantage.
ü Learn basic manners of communication.
ü Start a WhatsApp Group or Facebook Page whichever convenient for you.
ü Place some paper prints on the community notice boards or markets and let the world know that you are available for such tasks.
ü Become a known person in your community by visiting public areas (parks, mosques, markets) and introduce yourself to different people
ü Develop trust in your neighborhood.

How Much Earning

ü Earning is dependent on the type of area and community. Each community has different affordability limits. A mediocre or low-income area does not need tasks rabbits because people would rather prefer to do the tasks at their own instead of hiring someone, whereas modern areas, where people are rich and busy enjoying their life, may heavily dependent on task rabbits and service providers.
ü Initially you should expect minimum hourly wages for your services. Once you develop your clientage and gain experience, you can consider increasing your charges.

Give me Some Tips Please:

ü Make sure you clearly understand the requirements of the task before you commit to. Think about the damage you may cause due to your non-familiarity of the offered tasks. Say no if you are unsure. This way you will win the confidence of the community for being honest. 
ü Think whole community as your customers. Treat every person nicely using gentle words to get popular. Learn some tips from internet on how to speak to and manage your customers.
ü Send follow up message on WhatsApp / email and seek feedback for your work.


Pros and Cons:

ü Low income but better than staying unemployed.
ü keeps you busy while searching for a better job.

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Article Written by Junaid Tahir