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7 Tips For Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable part of social, professional and familial life. Even at young age siblings experience many brawls which parent...

Conflicts are inevitable part of social, professional and familial life. Even at young age siblings experience many brawls which parents have to resolve on day to today basis.

While kids-specific conflicts are mostly easy-to-handle, at times situation gets worsen in practical life when nobody shows flexibility on his/her stance. For such situations, below mentioned tips should help you resolving the conflict. Whether you are resolving it for someone else or being one of the conflicting party, reading these tips will increase your horizon for making better decisions for conflict resolution.

1- Being Fair and Neutral

First and foremost point is to stay unbiased and keep the emotional attachment to any person/party/company aside. Sometimes your loved ones are wrong, let your mind accept it. Judging people fairly with transparency is your natural instinct which you should not compromise on.

2- Ensuring Empathetic Listening

You cannot resolve conflicts if you do not have good emotional intelligence and higher empathic skills.  By listening to all parties carefully, putting yourself in their shoes, deeply understanding their stance is very important. If not ensured, you may end up creating more conflicts instead of resolving the existing ones.  

3- Analyzing Carefully

Business conflicts require hell lot of efforts because it requires deep analysis of the statements from each party. List down the pros and cons of the stance from each party. Sometimes both parties are right and sometimes both are wrong. In your analysis you need to find the option which gives maximum benefit to everyone.

4- Out of Box Thinking

Consider a solution which neither party-A has proposed, neither B. Propose third solution which suits both persons. Consider Win-Win scenario where everyone gains something at the cost of compromise.

5- Advising Privately

The wise says, and advise given in private helps the person improve, while advise given in public spoils him more. Don't do counseling when both parties are present. This will offend one party and may strain the relations further. Remember not to criticize

6- Compromising On Your Stance

Remember, winning people is far more important than wining debates. Sometimes you win the brawl on logical and fair grounds but loose the person for life time. Learn to compromise. Learn to loose some time. This tip is very much recommended where long-term relationships are required to be maintained. Sometimes it happens that youngsters are right and old ones are wrong. If the issue is not too serious, request youngsters to be flexible. It always pay off. Remember that we have learnt so much from our seniors (bosses, team leads, parents and other senior family members). So some times is perfectly ok to pay back to make them feel proud about their teachings. 

7- Understanding Psychology and Developing Emotional Intelligence

This is a solid approach for self-control and evaluating mental steadiness. Also EI is about studying people's reactions and behavior on certain situations.  As per Wikipedia "Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups" Learn this technique to improve your mental powers. Developing EI will help resolve the conflicts more effectively. 

How do you resolve conflicts? 

Article Written by Junaid Tahir

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