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8 Tips for Choosing a Powerful Domain Name (URL Name, Website Name)

​ Article Written by Junaid Tahir Domain name once chosen becomes permanent identity for your business as this cannot and must not be ch...

Article Written by Junaid Tahir
Domain name once chosen becomes permanent identity for your business as this cannot and must not be changed. Having said that you should exert some careful efforts for finalizing your brand name (URL Name, Website name or domain name). Below mentioned 8 easy yet powerful tips will help you decide the right domain name. BCA IT in Miami is an IT support service provider that can provide you assistance with your website if needed.

1- Do not Use difficult-to-spell words

While google automatically suggests the website with correct spelling, you do not want your website's potential visitors to get confused while typing the website name. This will simply be a bad user experience. Examples of tough spellings are hierarchy dot com, bureaucratic dot com, orchestrate dot com, paradigm dot com and eulogy dot com.

2- Do not use Lengthy website names 

Avoid URL such as letusenjoyeachfriday dot com, mostaffordablecarworkshopinsidney dot com

3- Use relevant name

Although you have some examples such as which is not exactly relevant to its concept and the features it offers, it is highly recommended to use the name of the services you are offering to your customers. For example if your website sells mobile phones, having your website as thebestguy dot com will not attract the visitors.

4- Use Easy to Remember Name

If your website is about stress management, using a URL such as subconsciousparadigms dot com wont get much traffic. Decide your domain name that is easy to remember. 

5- Use Mission or Vision in your URL (if it makes sense

For some of the niches it is highly recommended to use the mission or vision in your website name, such as hungermission dot com or letsfixhunger dot com

6- Do not try close-match website names

Shun your thoughts if you think that you will get traffic by using pacebook dot com or ticrosoft dot com. Believe in your unique identify and use a website name that is genuine in nature and does not give impression of copying someones idea.

7- Use domain ideas tools

Many websites offer awesome online tools which can generate website naming ideas. If you are unaware of this, try this one and be thankful to me later.

8- Be careful when combining two words

Sometimes two words when combined produce a nasty word. for example: "goods" and "example" when combined together will produce goodsexample dot com which is not what you really want your visitors to think about. 

Article Written by Junaid Tahir