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6 Home Remedies Any Dog Can Use For Instant Pain Relief

    In today’s harsh economy, it is necessary to avoid veterinary bills as much as possible. If your dog is very unwell...



In today’s harsh economy, it is necessary to avoid veterinary bills as much as possible. If your dog is very unwell or you are unsure about the cause of the problem them checking them into your local VET is recommended. However, if it’s a minor alignment or condition that using herbal remedies or homemade remedies can be just as beneficial  

Here are the 6 top herbal home remedies you can use safely on your dog. 
1.   Getting Rid of Ticks and Fleas

There is a cool little hack any dog owner can use to get rid of ticks and fleas more naturally. Make a paste of orange rinds and apply it evenly on the fur of the dog. Leave it on for at least five hours and then wash it off gently. 

This is a very easy and safe home remedy for helping your dogs get rid of any unwanted ticks and fleas.
 It has the added bonus of not having a toxic smell or taste as well. 
2.           Treating dry, cracked paws

If your dog has dry or cracked paws then they can be in mild to moderate discomfort for long periods of the day. Use either Vaseline or petroleum jelly and apply it to your dog’s paws every day for four or five days. 

If you do this correctly, you will soon find that your dog’s paws will start to heal and you will see a noticeable difference in their behaviour and paw dexterity.

3.           Handling your dog’s odor problem 

Some dogs can have foul smells for long periods of the day. While a dog bath will usually do the trick there are a few natural remedies you can incorporate into the bathtime routine to eradicate the problem. 

When giving your dog a bath, you can add a few drops of vinegar into your dog’s bathwater to help ease the smell of any odor problem. However, if you have a dog that hates bathing, you can also use baking soda as a dry shampoo and sprinkle it all over your dog’s fur and then leave it to set for a few minutes before brushing it out.

This is a smart and safe way to quickly combat any odor problem and will usually do the job. 
4.           Dealing with insects and insect bites

Another common problem experienced by dogs are insect stings and bites. There are a few home remedies you can try to soothe the pain faster. As soon as you notice this, put an adequate amount of baking soda and water over the stung area and immediately apply ice to stop any swelling.  

However, if you notice that your dog has any difficulty in breathing after a sting, take your dog to the vet immediately as he may be allergic to the sting. Let your vet know what type of insect it was that stung or bit your dog.

With all that said sometimes it’s impossible to keep your dog out of the vetinerians. IF you do decide to go do this:

5.           Oatmeal for dry and Itchy Skin

Oatmeal contains chemicals called avenanthramides and phenols, which have been linked to helping anti-inflammatory conditions. Animals with very itchy skin will benefit from using it the most and it’s very simpleto use. Just apply it across all itchy areas on your dog and rub it in until the oatmeal slightly hardens. 

It is a non-toxic solution and the best part is it’s eatable which makes it even safer to use.

Top Tip, try grinding the oatmeal down into a powder and then mixing it with water. Then you can apply it on all dry or inflamed areas much easier. 

6.           Vitamin E Oil for Skin

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that can help slow down ageing in dogs (as mentioned by Judy Morgan a holistic veterinarian) This is an incredible remedy as it helps their skin stay moisture while at the same time provides an additional barrier against any harmful UV radiation. 

Here’s how you make it naturally. In a small boiler or pot, melt two tablespoons of beeswax pellets and four to five tablespoons of coconut oil. Turn off the heat and slowly add 10-15 drops of vitamin E oil while at the same time stirring gently. 
Once it’s completely cooled it is ready for application. This is a great natural remedy especially if your dog spends lots of time outside and needs the extra attention.

Remember, never give your dog anything involving onions or garlic, as these are toxic to a dog.  If your dog is experiencing vomiting, diarrhea or seems to be in pain, do not try any home remedies. Call your vet immediately and bring them in to be safe.

Bio: Hey, I’m Amy and I’m in love with my Pets! I have a diverse variety, including 2 cats, 1 dog, 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, a rat and a beautiful macaw. I love writing about everything pet-related and spend as much time as I can sharing my personal experiences on my blog.