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Buyer’s Guide on Baby Booster Seats for Table

  INTRODUCTION As your baby starts growing, it becomes hard and tiresome to make them eat food as they become more troublesome. Booster seat...



As your baby starts growing, it becomes hard and tiresome to make them eat food as they become more troublesome. Booster seats can help you make this task a little bit easier.

Booster seats are comparatively cheaper than high chairs, portable and easy to install. Booster chairs can be placed anywhere i.e., in a car, restaurant seat or any other chair.

The first question that comes to any parents’ mind is: “When should we buy a booster seat for the kid?” Booster seats for table are suitable for kids from 6 months to years of age.

How to choose a proper baby booster seat?

Now you must be wondering how to choose booster seats for your baby? As there are so many options available in the market; how to choose the best one?

Baby booster seats are available in different shapes and sizes. Being parents, you would want the best thing for your child.

Here’s a buyer guide to provide you information about how to choose the perfect booster seat for your tot.

1.      Different types of booster seats:

Booster seats come in different shapes and sizes. Hence, you have chosen the most appropriate option as per your requirement. There are 3 common types of booster seats available:

a)      High chair booster seat: This booster seat looks much similar to a high chair and is easy to attach to any chair. It comes with a chair pad, safety harness and a tray. These types of booster chairs are perfect for toddlers.

b)      Booster chair: A booster chair looks similar to a small high chair and comes with a small tray and shorter back. It helps the child to learn table manners at an early stage.

c)      Booster seat: This type of booster seat has buckles for safety and does not have any tray and comes with either a small back or no back at all.

2.      Safety features:

One of the most important factors while purchasing a baby booster seat is your baby’s safety. Make sure you buy the booster seat with at least 2 straps. Also ensure that the straps fit different types of chairs like dining chairs. Go for 5 point harness for infant and 3 point harness for toddlers as they are more messy and vulnerable and of course safety is of utmost importance. Also look for adjustable straps and make sure the tray doesn’t move as you don’t want your baby to pinch their tiny fingers against it.

3.      Back recline:

Your infant does not have properly developed head or neck; hence, they need an adjustable back while a rigid back or seat with no back can be a good option for toddlers.

4.      Adjustable heights:

Now-a-days, the majority of booster seats are suitable for infants and toddlers and offer adjustable heights for seats and feeding trays that come along. As babies grow very fast, buying a booster seat with flexibility features is what makes them last long.

5.      Comfort:

Babies are really choosy, they won't sit down unless and until they feel comfortable.

Make sure you buy a booster seat with double foam padding and adjustable seat so your baby is really comfortable in it.

6.      Detachable tray:

Detachable trays are recommended because they can be easily cleaned as well and they can be used for toddlers without a tray as they can sit freely on the seat. And sometimes it can also work like a high chair.

7.      Portability:

Make sure the booster seat isn’t too heavy as it may be difficult to take it around if it is bulkier than usual. A booster seat should be compact and easy to carry along.

8.      Easy to clean:

Always opt for a simple and plain booster seat without any cuts and all as it will be easy to clean. Afterall you don’t want to take on the extra burden of cleaning the food stuck in the designer cuts of the table.

9.      Certification:

Always look out for certification. It ensures that the product is of high quality and safe for your tot. Afterall, safety is your priority.



Babies are very messy and making them eat food is a tiresome task. Booster seats may help you make your task a little bit easier.

There are many options available in the market for different types of booster seats. Safety of your baby is of utmost importance and so is his and your comfort.

I have talked about all the points necessary to keep in mind while buying a booster seat.