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Dressing For Hot Weather: How To Stay Cool This Summer

  Dressing For Hot Weather: How To Stay Cool This Summer  Summer is the best time for frolicking outdoors, but let's face it: the hot ...


Dressing For Hot Weather: How To Stay Cool This Summer 

Summer is the best time for frolicking outdoors, but let's face it: the hot weather can make looking good and staying cool a challenge. Not only are we more prone to stickiness and sweating, but we're also in danger of hot weather health problems, such as heat exhaustion. According to the World Health Organization, hot weather lasting several days is among the most dangerous of natural health hazards, which is why it's important to find ways to prevent heat stress and exhaustion when you're out and about. Staying in the shade and keeping hydrated can help you to keep cool, but the clothes you wear can also make a difference to you staying comfortable and safe in hot weather. Here's how to dress so you can stay cool and fresh this summer.  

Choose breathable fabrics

Whether you're dressing up for the beach or running errands, the right type of clothing is a must to help you look and feel your best this summer. For the beach, a cover-up layered over a swimsuit, plus a wide-brimmed hat, is a must to protect you from the hot rays of the sun. Meanwhile, for your everyday summer outfits, choose clothing made out of breathable fabrics, such as cotton, which allows air to circulate freely throughout the fabric. It also absorbs moisture, allowing you to cool down more quickly. Linen is another fabric that's suited for hot weather, as it helps heat to escape from the body. Avoid fabrics like polyester, rayon and denim, which can trap moisture and increase sweating. Keep your clothes loose - the less clothing that's touching your body, the better and cooler you'll feel. 

Wear the right undergarments

The right undergarments can help you to stay cool and comfy on hot and humid days. Women may want to skip wearing padded or underwire bras, as the excess fabric and metal can chafe the skin. Instead, wear a soft bralette made of cotton to feel fresh, and pair it with cotton panties. Meanwhile, men should consider wearing cooling boxers with a relaxed fit, or boxer briefs made of bamboo fiber, as they're incredibly soft, can wick away moisture, and are comfortable to wear even in stifling weather. Both men and women can also wear cotton undershirts to wick away sweat. 

Switch to a smaller bag

Having a huge backpack pressed to your back, or a large tote bag stuck to your side on a hot day can make you sweat and feel miserable. Instead of toting a huge bag, pare down your everyday essentials to the basics, and carry a smaller bag. For men, it's recommended to use a soft crossbody bag or a small messenger bag for everyday, while women can bring their things in a sling bag or a handbag. Keep a few things in your bag that can keep you cool, such as a packet of cooling wipes and a facial mist. Having a small tube of facial sunscreen is also a must, especially if you'll be out and about the whole day. 

The right clothes and accessories can help you to keep cool and comfy on hot days. Consider these tips to stay fresh and cool this summer so you can be healthy, and look and feel your best in sweltering climates.