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Getting Started In Triathlons

  You love participating in sports, especially those that take place outdoors. Now you're looking to really challenge yourself, pushing ...


You love participating in sports, especially those that take place outdoors. Now you're looking to really challenge yourself, pushing the limits of your skills and endurance. You love to swim, and run, and ride your bike, so, the answer is clear- enter a triathlon! Australia offers too many great triathlons to list them all, some of the favourites are The Perth Triathlon, The Jewel ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast, and the Byron Bay Triathlon- if these are a bit far away for you, there are sure to be events in your area as well. Let's get started!

·    Basic training - You might already be in great shape, but triathlons are designed to take you to your limits, and beyond, so you will need to start a rigorous training regimen. That means exercising every day, without fail, always pushing yourself to go a little faster. Think about your personal goals and strive for them, but be patient, becoming a competitive athlete takes time and diligence. Sometimes it's impossible to train outdoors during inclement weather, but that doesn't mean you can't get a great workout,  you can run on a Matrix Treadmill without leaving the comfort and safety of your home, it's a great way to keep your body moving when the storm warnings keep you inside, and any time it’s convenient for you! Another important factor is a healthy diet, this is critical to achieving and maintaining your top physical condition, and it tastes great too!

·    The Swim - This tends to be most triathletes’ weakest event, requiring an appropriate body of water, and sometimes these aren't conveniently located, particularly in urban areas. Getting to the local pool and fighting your way through the crowds can be discouraging. A pool is better than nothing, but since triathlons are held outdoors, that's where you really need to be training. Some larger city parks have lakes or ponds, or head to the seaside, just make sure to follow the local rules- "No Swimming" signs mean what they say, and with good reason! And remember, the secret is your technique, focus on that and you've got this!

·    The Bike - The bike portion of the race requires some gear, its you and your vehicle working together. There aren't many rules regarding the kind of bike you ride, so you can compete on a mountain bike, or whatever you like, but a real road bike will give you your best time. Wearing compatible shoes and eschewing clips will ensure each pedal stroke is as effective as it can be. Once again technique is the key, be able to pedal like clockwork and practice your shifting on different grades so you and your bike become as one.

·    The Run - The final leg of your triathlon journey begins with your feet or rather the shoes you have on them. Make sure you invest in a pair of high-quality running shoes that will get you across the mark and over the finish line in your personal record time. You can train anywhere you can take off and run without endangering yourself or pedestrians. City sidewalks aren't really the best for this unless it's during off hours when foot traffic is at a low ebb. Once again, technique is key, keep practising until you hit your stride!

Be sure to check out the Australian Government's sports website for information on all kinds of sporting events, including triathlons. Good luck with your first triathlon, it's a real challenge, and you can feel very proud that you did the work you needed to make it happen!