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7 Tips to Attain Peace of Mind

Picture Credit: Pixabay Author: Junaid Tahir:   When you were child you had a pure mind; the mind which was free from worries and anxi...

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Author: Junaid Tahir:

When you were child you had a pure mind; the mind which was free from worries and anxieties. As the time passed, you were influenced by several social, personal, familial and official crises such as financial complications, broken relationship, lack of trust, joblessness, failure in business, loss of respect and so on. When the mind is stressful, the associated germs of negativity, jealousy and pessimism add fuel to fire and hence your pure mind becomes impure. These impurities if taken out can bring back the mental purity hence real spirit of joy of childhood can be attained up to an adequate level. Off course you cannot fix all of your problem at once but you can train your mind to develop the skills which can help either bypass or overcome the depressed and tragic situations so as to give you a big time relaxation while you focus on the solution to your problems. Below are some techniques which can be used to combat the peace stealing triggers:

1-Mind your own business. 
Yes, please mind your own business. When you start being concerned about things which are not related to you, you lose your grip on your thought process which often results in negativity disturbing the mental peace. Basically, your mind starts wandering here and there. As you know that a non-focused mind is evil's workshop hence the germs of negativity and jealousy gain more strength. So next time an unnecessary thought comes to your mind, think whether this is really something you should be worrying for? If not, shun it right away and focus on something positive, practical and fruitful. Article by Junaid.Tahir 

2-Surround yourself in positive people

Ignore negative comments and stay away from negative souls. When someone is negative, he spreads negativity and you get affected. Permanently staying with such people will have long term impact on your character so think about your company. 

3-Don't think about others too much. 

Remember the great quote: small minds discuss people; Average minds discuss events; Higher minds discuss ideas and Great minds act in silence. Don't allow your brain to compare yourself to others as this is an insult to yourself. Don't be Jealous; it's a heart killing disease, get rid of it as soon as possible. When you are jealous you focus on finding faults in others even if they don't have. This poisons your soul and steals the mental peace. Article by Junaid.Tahir 

4-You can't keep everyone happy

Don't be over sensitive. Be natural and genuine in what you do. Be positive, constructive and ethical in your deeds and then don't really care too much about others. Be aware, don't apply this formula to too closed relations. Develop trust to establish powerful relationships. 

5-Control your mood swings as it is an indication of unstable personality. 

Do it by not being over sensitive to others. Stop being reactive and implosive. Stay calm. 

6-Ignore your thoughts about being unlucky

Bad luck happens to everyone. It's not your fault at all. Time whether good or bad, passes quickly. Develop the power of not looking back into your past. Believe in the power of Now. Believe in your skills. Work hard and have faith in God; you will get what you have been entitled for. Be patient and see what God has planned for you. Patience and consistency in your deeds is the key to success. 

7-Practice Simplicity
Simplicity in your character and living style can overcome the stress and improve your happiness index. Don't be socially sensitive and start following every single trend your social circle is following.

With these recommendations, I believe you can bring major changes in your life style hence attain back your mental peace. What are your recommendations in gaining mental peace?

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Junaid Tahir, a telecom engineer and a blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management at his personal blog. His personal Google Group can be joined here. He is reachable at for any kind of suggestions and comments.


  1. i like your all articles so nice

    Rana Zeeshan akram

  2. Juanid Bhai, Wah Kya Baat Kahi Aapne. Relaxed me a lot.

    Please keep mailing me

  3. Junaid Bhai......................The job u r doing is wonderful......u r doing great best wishess fo ol the gud thngs u r doing for the ppl............the ppl who even dont knw u bt been as a human being......this will work for all of ov luck and we ol will learn alot from ur articles......InshAllah.

  4. Very helpful tips to stay calm and cool..Thanks Mr.Junaid..!!

  5. Wonderful tips to live a peaceful life.


  6. Dear Sir,


    Here is the LInk..

  7. Nice. I liked it. Need some more steps. Somethng else to get mental peace. Mind is completely jammed.

    1. Dear You can visit this link where more than 90 activities/advises are available for stress management. NOTE:if clicking on below does not work, please copy paste the link in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc)

    2. Dear Shri Tahirji,

      Great article, which definitely helps people to have peaceful life....!!! Thanks for the beautiful article. ~ Dhiraj Chauhan, Kolkata

  8. Dear Junaid Bhai
    In your article it is mentioned as "Permanently staying with such people will have long term impact on your character so think about your company" but what if my husband has such kind of nature. i cant divorce him because of my sum. If I do so my son's life will spoil. Please suggest.

    1. Well sister, Marital problems do not completely fall under the stress management category of my articles because most of the stress handling technique are generic whereas marriage complications is a highly sensitive subject because it involves a lot of influencing factors such as mode of thinking, expectation management, financial problems, points of conflict, relationship with family members and so on. For such situations I may not be able to give you the best advise unless I really know the nitty gritty aspects of the issue. So you may want to send me a private email to seek advise whereby mentioning the details (which some people have done with concrete confidentiality). However, in case you do not intend to write me an email I suggest reading some generic articles related to relationship management:

      I wish you a happy and prosperous life.

  9. Dear Junaid,

    I have read your article regarding ‘7 Tips to attain Peace of Mind’ which is actually fantastic and which has forced me to write a appreciation mail to you.

    I found your article having very practical approach in today’s phase of life .

    If I talk about myself, I found myself doing exactly the opposite what you have asked not to do.

    I was surrounded by a person who himself was in many depression problem from last 2 years, I used to hear his problems and stories which he has going through.

    Being meeting daily and discussing the same thing again and again, he was out of depression and as a result I went into depression.

    I don’t find myself the same person as I was before. I have lost all my friends and family issues has also arisen.

    Slowly and gradually it is affecting not only my personal as well as my career & profession.

    Reading your blog, I found something that can bring some positive impact in me.

    Hope I can get mental peace by implementing your suggestive points.

    Thanks a lot for this.


  10. i read this completely.. actually everyone knows it very well. but no one notices these things.. it's very good thoughts.. and you described it very naturally.. expect more from you .on various topics

  11. Very true
    Thanks & Regards.

  12. Good Sir, Very good information. It will help people to get relief from stress. Thanks once again.

  13. The results of this lifestyle are there for all to see, the confusion that we see in all the systems that are running our current world. Most people live in a really confused state of mind and they are in search of themselves.

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  15. What an amazing article.Really inspiring ...

  16. What an amazing article.Really inspiring ...

  17. I will try my level best to follow all ur rules...thanks...

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