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Thought for the day - Circumstances

A man cannot directly choose his circumstances but he can choose his thoughts and indirectly shape his circumstances.

Some quotes from my personal diary

1-    No one can ruin your day without your permission
2-   Most of the people will be about as happy as they decide to be.
3-   Other can stop you temporarily but YOU can do it permanently.
4-   Success stops when you do
5-   You will never have it all together
6-   Life is journey not a destination. Enjoy the trip
7-   The best way to escape your problem is to solve it
8-   If you don't start, it is certain you won't reach.
9-   He or She whoever laughs , lasts.
10- Life is what is coming, not what was.
11-  Success is getting up one more time
12- When things go wrong, don't go with them.
13- Never play with the feelings of someone. You may win the game but surely will lose the person for lifetime.
14- Defeating someone is easy as compared to winning someone.
15- The weak cannot forgive because forgiving is the attribute of strong.

M Junaid Tahir

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Key to Happy Balanced Life

Our task is to strike a balance, to find a middle way, to learn not to overstretch ourselves with extraneous activities and preoccupations, but to simplify our lives more and more. The key to finding a happy balance in modern lives is simplicity.
--Sogyal Rinpoche
Stress Control :: #132
By Kim from San Franisco USA.

Thought for the day

One thing we need to learn from Life is that getting UPSET will not help instead Get UP to SET the things right will help.

Parental Control Software - Control your kids' online activities


Activity Monitor: Regulate And Control Online Activity On A System
By Farshad on Dec 06 2011 Leave a comment

Many parental control applications are restricted to checking and/or blocking content according to some defined parameters. However, before one can block inappropriate content, sometimes it is necessary to profile the habits of children to find any loopholes that may remain open even after a block is set in place. For example, you might be interested in blocking webpages which may be displaying ads with explicit content, whereas your child might require using the same website (to which the webpage belongs to). SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a free parental control application that records the activity of a system, and allows imposing precise blockage rules to control online content that can be accessed from a computer.

7 Things You Should Add to Your Stop Doing List…Right Now!

You probably make lists of things to do and follow them through. But what about the things you should stop doing? Successful people do not do the following things but chances are you still do. Make a decision to add these to your "stop doing list" these from today going forward:
1.      Making Excuses. Successful people do not blame others or make excuses or complain about their bad luck. They take full responsibility for their lives. They know that success and failure lie in their hands. So stop being a victim, stop whining and stop making excuses.
2.     Drifting. Winners have a plan. They have a direction and a purpose. They do not

For London Residents: Google adds Train Alerts to Google Maps

Google Adds London Underground Alerts To Google Maps

Posted: 03 Apr 2012 02:10 AM PDT

In preparation for the 31 million tourists that are expected to visit London this year on top of the commuters that call London home. Google has today rolled out a new update to its Google Maps service, which now brings you useful London Underground Alerts directly to Google Maps, just in time for the arrival of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Original Story Google Adds London Underground Alerts To Google Maps

We need sleep!

Health :: #478
By Gemminna from Chicago USA.
By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor could be sleep deprived and putting yourself at risk for an early death. That stunning conclusion was reached by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, who determined that when we get just six hours of sleep a night, we are actually sleep deprived. And sleep deprivation not only makes us sleepy during the day and decreases our productivity and performance levels, but also promotes the potentially dangerous process of inflammation. Inflammation of this sort can lead to a variety of problems, including heart disease and hardening of the arteries, reports WebMD.
Previous studies have examined the effects of severe sleep deprivation, which is

Electronic Chip in soap to study child hygenic habits :)

Motion-sensor chips inserted as part of survey to study children's health, says soap manufacturer
  • VM Sathish
Expatriate Indian consumers have become suspicious of a brand of bath soap manufactured by a multinational company after consumers back home complained about an electronic chip embedded in the soap.

Reports from India suggest that a bathing soap-related survey being conducted for Britain-based organisations in Beemapalli near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, was called off after residents, who had earlier agreed to the survey, panicked.
Based on police complaints filed by residents, local police took two officials of the surveying agency, Socio Economic Unit Foundation (SEUF), an NGO, into custody, but released them later.
The survey was being conducted for the stated purpose of finding out the health and hygiene habits of the people living in coastal areas, to which the residents of Beemapalli consented. However, once the realisation of an embedded chi

How to Develop Interpersonal Communication Skills

Often, problems arise when this coordination is co-opted by one party's ignorance or incompetence at a given element. But do not fear. Here are nine quick tips to improving your interpersonal communications skills that will get you in the game right away.

This is the quickest, clearest skill to develop to let your conversation partner know you regard them as more than a sounding board. Something as simple as using their name will allow a much greater path toward mutual communication.

Excel Tip: Use Vlookup to extract values from several columns

Often we need our lookup formulas to go wild. Not in the sense of go-wild-and-chomp-a-few-kilo-bytes-of-data sense. But wild like wild cards.
For eg. In the below data, we may not remember the full name of sales person, but we know that her name starts with jac. Now how do you get the sales amount for that person?
Data for this Example -Using Wildcards with VLOOKUP formula


Simple. Use wild cards. Like this: =VLOOKUP("jac*",$B$5:$E$17,3,FALSE) to fetch the value from 3rd column for the person whose name starts with jac
Data for this Example -Using Wildcards with VLOOKUP formula

Sample File

Download Example File – Using Wild cards with VLOOKUP formula

Special Thanks to

Michael Pennington, Lukas for the tip. (Click on the name to see their tip)

Story: Small acts pay off

A man was working in a bicycle shop.
A cycle had come for repair and after repairing the  man cleaned up the bicycle and it looked like a new one.
All Other workers were making fun of  him for doing redundant work.
Next day when owner came for the bicycle, he was very happy and offered the mechanic a job.

Good and extra work never goes useless

Queen of Holland - Story with lesson

A distinguished lady, noted for the fine family from which she came, was once presented at the court of the Queen of Holland. Later, the wife of a minor government official asked her how she happened to know the proper way to behave, before a queen. "I really didn't know," the woman replied. "But I have only one set of manners and I use them all the time."

We should have one set of manners, too. We should always be gentle, kind and most of all, loving. Treat the rich and the poor, the attractive and the unattractive all the same, because each is a reflection of God Himself. And how you treat them, is a reflection of what kind of a person you are.

6 Serious Medical Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore:

Some medical symptoms are warnings that you need immediate care. Learn to recognize these six.
WebMD Feature

Here are six important flashing signals:

1. Paralysis of the arms or legs, tingling, numbness, confusion, dizziness, double vision, slurred speech, trouble finding words, or weakness, especially on one side of the face or body.
These are signs of stroke -- or a "brain attack" -- in which arteries that supply oxygen to the brain become blocked or rupture, causing brain tissue to die.
Symptoms depend on which area of the brain is involved. If a large blood vessel is blocked, a wide area may be

Are You A Responsible Citizen?

While we are busy in enjoying our lives with our families and friends, it's almost mandatory to consider our role for the improvement of our environment, our surroundings and less fortunate community members.  In my personal opinion, it's not something which should be requested by the government, instead it's a prime duty of every responsible citizen. In fact, this is the 'virtual' tax which every citizen should pay back to the society for the services which he/she enjoys in routine life. This article is sort of a self-audit guide which covers some of the critical aspects of social responsibilities on the basis of which you can analyze yourself on whether you are a responsible community member:
1.   Do I observe people around me who need financial needs? Do I assist them in their crisis?
2.  Do I visit any orphan, old age houses or any hospitals once in a month to help the needful people?
3.  Do I take care of environment by using recyclable things?
4.  Do I encourage others (including my children) to throw garbage only in the dedicated bins?
5.  Whatever skills I have (doctor, engineer, lawyer etc), Do I do any free of cost service to the needful society members every month? Article written by Junaid.Tahir
6.  Do I contribute in charity projects on monthly basis?
7.  Have I ever donated blood?
8.  Do I stop the evil and contribute to the good? (Stopping sometimes does not mean stopping by hand, it means involving the relevant Law and Order authorities to address the issue)
If answer to any or some of these questions is NO, then it's time to start performing your civic responsibilities starting today. The first thing you can do right now is to share this article to others and generate a ripple effect.
Remember, if everyone of us start playing his/her role, we can bring peace, happiness and prosperity on earth !
0033-mjunaidtahir-paradigmwisdom-02Apr12- Are You a Responsible Citizen?

Article written by Junaid Tahir

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10 Tips to manage emails effectively

Are you one of those who receive hundreds of emails daily and having trouble to manage? Here are some recommendations which should help:

1-    Guide your teams/colleagues on where to include you in cc and where not to. This will reduce email flooding. For example, if you are a manager, you are not supposed to be copied in all minor correspondences.
2-   Develop the habit of fast reading.

10 Questions That Will Improve Results in Any Area

The only foolish question is the one that was never asked!
When you begin any project, are trying to make a change in your life, or are faced with a difficult undertaking, the best way to improve your result is to ask the important questions first. If you are working as part of a team, some questions may need to be asked of others. When working towards an individual goal, you will be the one giving the answers.
Ask, ask, ask — until you're confident that you have a firm understanding. Don't wait until you're stuck and spinning your wheels. Ask the questions and find the answers first!