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Reactive and responsive Modes

In life, we have essentially two psychological modes that we are in most of the time: reactive and responsive. The reactive mode is the one that feels stressful. In it, we feel pressured and are quick to judge. We lose perspective and take things personally. We're annoyed, bothered, and frustrated.

Needless to say, our judgment and decision making capacity is severely impaired when we are in a reactive state of mind. We make quick decisions that we often regret. We annoy other people and tend to bring out the worst in them. When an opportunity knocks, we are usually too overwhelmed or frustrated to see it. If we do see it, we're usually overly critical and negative.
source: unknwon

The responsive mode, on the other hand, is our most relaxed state of mind. Being responsive suggests that we have our bearings. We see the bigger picture and take things less personally. Rather than being rigid and stubborn, we are flexible and calm. In the responsive mode, we are at our best. We bring out the best in others and solve problems gracefully. When an opportunity comes our way, our mind is open. We are receptive to new ideas.

Once you are aware of these two drastically different modes of being. You will begin to notice which one you are in. You'll also notice the predictability of your behavior and feelings when you are in each mode. You'll observe yourself being irrational and negative in your reactive mode and calm and wise in your responsive state of mind.

M Junaid Tahir

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5 most expensive cars in uae

The 5 most expensive cars in the UAE... are they worth buying?

A couple of millions dirhams lying around? This is what the experts recommend splashing out on

It's not enough that you drive a good car, it needs to be swanky, super-hot, speedy and make heads turn while you drive it.
In the UAE, super-expensive cars are not neccessary a luxury. For some, it's just what they drive, or what drives them.
With UAE roads liberally sprinkled with some of the world's most stunning cars, here is our pick of top 5 must-have cars that'll jazz up your garage, and set the road on fire.
Bugatti Veyron
Price range: Dh 8 million and Dh12million
Picture courtesy (
Specs: Powered by an 8-litre quad-turbo W16 engine, Volkswagen designers have created what is touted as one of the fastest cars in the world and is named after the original Bugatti's French racer Pierre Veyron. 
Although its looks aren't nothing much to write home about, it's believed to play a huge part in accelerating the machine at break-neck speed. There's also the seven-speed direct-shift automanual gearbox that deserves credit for it. 
The Veyron 16.4 interiors can be tweaked to your taste and style and boasts of an impressive array of safety features. At top speed it touches 350km/hr but car experts claimed it's extremely steady and undramatic, as many cars would be at that pace. At 220km/hr, it even lowers its body position to improve the speed.
Lexus LFA
Price range: Dh1.7million
Picture courtesy (
Specs: It sports a 4.8-litre V10 engine and a carbon-fibre body that slims it down by 100kg than a comparable aluminium body. It touches a top speed of over 320km/hr and a 0-100 kph time of 3.7 seconds.   
Toyota has invested substantial time and energy in perfecting their invention, ensuring that it's a car like no other. It features plastic fins and spoilers and a reduced gear-shift time to accelerate this race car into full throttle, and the ride height is dropped to ensure on-road precision. 
In the UAE, this majestic, luxury machine is sold only by invitation, making its ownership prestigious and unique. The exclusive owners are encouraged to dress up their prized possession, inside and out, with numerous fancy options, ensuring that no two models will ever look similar.
Lamborghini Aventador
Price range: Dh1.55million-Dh1.8million
Picture courtesy (
Specs: They are, by far, the most innovative car manufacturers, especially when it comes to naming their machines. Its creators have us believe that the name is a symbolic link to bull-fighting, with Aventador the name of a trophy-winning Spanish bull. 
Coloured in stunning hues of orange, this is a stunner on the road. Their Aventador LP700-4 is powered by a 6.5 litre V12 engine, called "L539", that propels the 3-section chassis and exclusive cabin structure. Its state-of-the-art suspension, makes driving through any terrain effortless. It's a good 18.2kg lighter than Lamborghini's Murcièlago engine and borrows heavily from their own earlier designs - limited-edition  Reventón and Estoque . It's also powered impressively, sitting 2.8inches lower in the chassis, and brags about great speed and fuel efficiency. 
Lamborgini's claims that it's two-generations ahead of its time is substantiated by its new, electronically-controlled four-wheel drive that's formulated by Swedish company Haldex Traction, which offers brilliant handling and traction.
Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe
Price range: Price: Dh1.95million
Picture courtesy (automobilema)
Specs: Rollys Royce is a class apart, and deservedly so. It's a brand of cars that stands for class, style and power. The Phantom Coupe is undefeated as an uber-luxury convertible. 
While each car is built according to customer's specific tastes, the all-aluminium body are each driven by the BMW-derived 6.8-litre V12 mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. There's also a marked increase in fuel capacity. 
It displayed immense legroom and has a fibre optic roofliner that's imitates the sky on a starry night. It has an impressive fuel capacity, at 100-litre fuel tank and a range of 630km, adding significant range to the driving experience. There's a one-touch shut button on the door that allows one to move in and out, stylishly.

Bentley Mulsanne
Price range: Dh1.5million
Picture courtesy (
Specs: Bentley is an undisputed style statement on the roads, and its display of 505horsepower, 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8, with an insane 1020 Nm of torque, just accentuates this claim outstandingly. And like most cars in the super-rich series, even this can be custom-built and the options are luxurious, stylish and numerous. 
The front is traditional, long Bentley bonnet that stresses a sense of power and propels maximum movement. It is reengineered to provide better fuel economy, which Bentley claimed as a 15 per cent improvement. 
The drivers have the luxury of choosing, and switching, four driving modes. 'Comfort' for an easier steering effort, 'B' for Bentley's favoured selection, 'sport' for firmer steering, and 'custom' for allowing the driver to make the call.