By Junaid Tahir:
In recent days I have developed interest to learn about Management Consulting. After my discussions with some industry people and exploring some portals, I am able to summarize the below:
Management consultants help organisations to improve their business index in term of better performance, higher customer satisfaction, healthier practices implementation, tweaking strategies and management paradigms, enhanced skill sets of team members, concrete grip on internal process flows and identifying the key areas where improvements are required to be implemented.
Primarily, they work on the company's corporate, finance, HR, Production and Operations domains for short term as well as long term task tweaking. They perform a deep analysis of the on-going tasks and give recommendations on how to improve policies and procedures, employee efficiency, decrease fault rates hence maximize company's business.
Consultants operate across a wide domains such as HR, finance, procurement, marketing, IT, Roll outs and Operations. The consultancy duration can be from one week to several months depending upon the type and size of the organization, complexity of the problems and style of current operations of the company. Some of the tasks are given below:
·           Data collection to understand the work break down structure
·           Conducting deep analysis of the on-going day to day work
·           Meetings with client's employees, management team and other stakeholders for suggesting potential improvements.
·           Recommendations about cost optimization, process excellence and governance, improved employees' productivity, finding gaps between teams, policies and procedures audits, better projects and programs flow monitoring templates, problem handling strategies, Skills enhancements and so on.

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  1. Some people have leadership skills that they are born with and others have to learn along the way. Being a leader means more than just managing people and projects. It means that you now have to represent the vision of the company, its goals and objectives. It also requires you to develop your team members into effective employees.

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  3. Management consultants are always help organizations to improve their business and strategies. Like Financial Management Consultants always things that every year their economy grow and grow.