The disease negativism, makes the mind restless, revengeful, robs the very capacity of understanding and the worst thing of all, develops a pathological inability to tolerate anything positive. It corrodes the capacity to use one's mind in a constructive manner, somehow selects a target for hate and attributes everything bad to the target. Refusal to understand and automatically misunderstand and misinterpret become primary motivations.Obfuscation, penchant for the negative only, first damages at the personal level in personal relations, and extends into the social relations, and depending on the social station of the person, may infect large sections of acquaintances.

Negativism automatically needs targets for victimization. The target has to be weak as otherwise the retaliation may be costly. But each success wets the appetite. The immediate targets invariably are women. These people prefer women to be really weak, insecure and as a result docile. . Women become property like the live stock.
A woman is a bundle of emotions. As a sweet child any girl is simply divinely, like a wonderful flower. Unfortunately in the brutalized culture, an offshoot of primary negativism, even her enchanting magnetism gets ignored.

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