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Who You Love is a Mirror Image

​​ ​ You meet and love your partner as a mirror of what you think and feel about yourself. What you 'get' is what your v...

You meet and love your partner as a mirror of what you think and feel about yourself. What you 'get' is what your vibration attracted for good or otherwise. Look at the other one as you in a different body. You may have different background, skills, likes and dislikes but your energy in the beginning mirrored theirs. If you loved your inner self, you attract someone who merges with that, even if they are on the cusp of loving themselves likewise, but perhaps the attraction is your mutual love can bring that out of them.

 If you have dissatisfaction with who you see yourself as, and are not likely to do anything about it, that's the same energy you will likely attract. Things go less than expected because you and your partner gave less than was possible. Everyone is beholden of lessons for your choice of how you react or respond. When your 'vibration' is high, you will only attract those that fit into your vibration. Low vibrations only 'vampire' higher ones, ultimately resulting in a repositioning as a 'non fit'. Lower attracts lower, and the ensuing challenging experiences. 

 People who mainly find themselves attracted to the outer with little attention to the 'inner' of themselves and the other will be disappointed when the love is often missing later. Love is for those who are willing to let go and love with all their heart! Love is not for 'people of the mind' or those who value any other aspect of life more. Distractions to love will lower the experience of love, and hence the problems that follow.

Indulge the self! Not the outer, but the inner for it's all you've got that will go everywhere you go. There is always 'here' with the 'you' that you perceive with or without clarity. The inner love or lack of it will be your guide in decisions you make. Love and awareness bring wisdom for life's journey. Life and love are cause for celebrations. Why miss all the celebrations?!

Throw your hands up in the air, and reject the round and round of the rut you've dug yourself into. There is no way to raise your vibration but through your intention and passion to keep the commitment. You are not 'broken', but for your perception of being so. Have moments of breathing deeper while letting all thoughts fly away. You are the clear mirror, but for the dust that waits your wiping away. Love yourself more and more, and life will be filled with joy and hope alone. The universe will give to you as you give to life.

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