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400+ Short Stories on Love, Happiness, Relationship, Success, Inspiration and Motivation

Story: His House Caught Fire The Stupid Letter Story: The 10th apple effect!! Story: Two Truck Drivers Stor...

Story: His House Caught Fire
The Stupid Letter
Story: The 10th apple effect!!
Story: Two Truck Drivers
Story: The Tortoise, The Elephant and The Hippopotamus
Story: My driver
Story: Field Marshal, Lieutenant and Rifleman
Story: The Bride, The Groom, The Love
Story: Express Your Love
Story: Amithabh Bachan Traveling
Story: Life is a like a Cup of Coffee!
Success Story: Honda Motor Co - Soichiro Honda
Story: Mary Speaks to the Rich Lady
Success Story - Fred Smith | Federal Express
Only the Dead Man
Story: Everyone Is Unfaithful To Me
Story: Three Dolls
Short Story: Why Are You Unlucky
Story: The Newlywed Youg Man Speaks to His Father
Story:​ Charity wrapped in Dignity!
Story: My Husband Does Not Make Me Happy
Story: Arthur Ashe - Someone dying of AIDS
Story: I lost 50 currency notes somewhere on the road!
Story: The Army Guy's Nice Gesture
I did this to My Wife and I Regret It
Story: The Rabit in Swimming School
Story: Technology is NOT Life !
Story: From Candles to Soap
Story: Bryan, Old Lady and Young Lady
Story: Senior Management speaks to Branch Manager
Story: Running Your Own Race
$6 billion Company that Started with a Tweet
Who Will You Chose to be - Drive 1 or Driver 2?
Bad Result - A Small Story
Story: Piece Of Paper
Story: The Twist In Murder Story
Story: The Charming Senior Couple and Their Past Pain
Story of Mother Hen
Story: The Shark and the Glass Wall
Story: Good People Bad People
Story: The Power of Empathy
Story: Jenny's Necklace
Story: The Lady Trying to Find Happiness
Humor: The Economics Professor
Story: Boy, Girl and Doll
Story: The Man on Siachin Glacier
Emotional: ​When the children Left
Story: Serving The People Who Serve Us
Story: The Wise Master
The Maid and Pizza
Story: How Changing Passwords Changed My Life
Story: The 18th Camel
Story: The Empty Boat
Story: The Missing Goat
Story: The Power of Mother's Prayer
Story of Naeem - Positive Thinking
Story: The Dry Cleaner: First Impression On Your New Customers
Story: The Teacher and Her Husband
Story: Two Lines and Vultures
Story: The Judo Kid
Story: The Successful Tennis Player
Story: The Business Tycoon Died
Story: The Painting Collection
Story: The Dear, Lion and Forest Fire
Story: Stop being Judgmental
Story: The Engineers :)
Story: The Thirst
Story: From Stress To Strength
Story: From Stress To Strength
Story: Two Brothers
Story: Your Simple Gesture Could Be Life Saving
Story: The Manager And The Worker
Beggar and Servant Boy - Story For Your Kids
Story: The Mountain Principle
Story - Correct it or Prevent it - The Choice is Yours
Story – the Positive Power
Story – The WOW approach
Story – The Monkey and the Wooden Apple
Story - Knowing where to tap
Story - Glass, Lake and Salt
Story - Socrates - Triple Filter
Story - A story you may like
Story - Ask Yourself "Why"
Story - The Truck Driver and The Tyre
Story - What’s goes around comes around
Story - The Construction worker and the Money
Humour - Reason for Divorce
Story - The Lady and the Cookies
Story - The Eagle and the Chickens
Story - Love of a Brother
Story - The Cute Girl and the Toffee
Story - Correct it or Prevent it - The Choice is Yours
Story - My Wife Doesn't Work
Story - The Rat and the Maze
Story - My Father and the Biscuit
Story - The Woman and the Parrot
Story - The Powerful Relationship
Story - Invention of Microwave Oven
Story - The Two Patients
Story - The Truck Driver and the Tyres
Story - Love and Care of My Brother
Story - Lamborghini and Ferrari
Story - The Dog In The Well
Story - The Manager and The Worker
Story - Competing with Others
Story - Alphabet For Blinds
Story - Do You Treat People Fairly ?
Story - Mr. Educated and Mr. Wisdom
Story - Art of Living without recognition
Story - Which employee type are you ?
Story - The Family Picnic and The Traffic Signal
Story - The Wow Apporach
Story - Don’t Feed A Man A Fish; Teach How to Catch It
Story - The cockroach theory for self development
Story - Giving Comments About Others
Story - Self Confidence
Story - How Bar Code System Evolved
Story - The Woman and the Bread
Story - The Turtles Picnic
Story - Controlling negative thoughts
Story - The unhappy young lady
Story: The Rat and the Maze
Story: The Two Patients
Story - Doctor Spencer's invention of Microwave Oven
Story: My Daughter Reminds Me a Great Lesson
Story: The Gossip Girl
Story: The Two Falcons
Story: Presence of mind
Story - Stress Management
Story - The Cute Student Counts the Apples
Story - Everyone is unique
Story - The Perspective Understanding
Story - The Millionaire and the 3 Person
Story - The Lawyer and the Farmer :)
Story – The Monkey business :)
Story - The Balloon seller and the Kid
Story - Mistake of Senior Executive
Story - Giving your 100 %
Story - The Officer's inspection :)
Story - Dad & Me
Story - Better to Give
Story - A World of Smile
Story - Unconditional Love
Story - The Man At The Mexican Beach
Story - The Carpenter
Story - The Fisherman
Story - Train Situation - What Would You Do?
Story - The Young Couple
Story - The Stone on the Road
Story - The Lady and The Sales Man
Story - The Stock Exchange :)
Story - The Teacher and the Tomatoes
Story - Old German Dog
Story – The Two Wolves
Story - Respect follows service
Story - Alexender - The Three Wishes
Story - Salty coffee
Story - Secret of success
Story – the Mind Set
Story - The Two brothers
Story - Presence of mind
Story - The missing watch
Story - Cockroach theory for self development
Story – The wife and the window
Story - Change yourself rather than trying to change the world
Story - The Ant & the Contact Lens
Story - Easy to criticize, difficult to improve
Story – The Boy and the Girl
Story – The Law of Garbage Truck
Story - How I Became Honest
Story - The Father And His Son
Story - Cold Weather
Story - The Best Payback
Story - No One Can Hurt You Without Your Consent
Story - The Butterfly Cocoon
Story - Mechanic and Doctor - Version 2
Story - Attended interesing Events for Blinds
Story- The Tube Lights
Humor - The Killer Jigsaw Puzzle
Story - The Sinking Ship and the Couple
Story - The necklace of Jenny
Story - Scholar and Ferryman
Story - Miracle - Sister and Brother
Story - The Whisper
Story - My neighbour is a Thief
Story - Sharing Your Happiness
Story - The Professor Explains
Story - The President's Father
Story - Hardworking Father
Story - The Rain School
Story - Race in Africa
Story - My son came to me in kitchen
Story - The cab ride
Story - The Bunnies and Their Mother
Story for Parents - Zebra
Story - Do it now
Story - Thnking of a Man and His Wife
Story - The Mountain Principle
Story - Bride, Groom and Love
Story - The doctor's arrogance
Story - Tortoise, elephant and hippopotamus
Story - Small Acts Payoff
Story - Thurst and Rusty Well
Story - True Meanings
Story - The bouquet for the mother
Story - Chosing The New CEO
Story - Kindness of Poor Farmer
Story - The Two Seeds
Story - Ahmed and Aisha
Story - Signing off
Story - Being Honest
Story - Different thinking of husband and wife
Story - Woman and Parrot
Story - Going to the Limit
Story: The Professor explains
Story - The Talking Bird
Story - The Rat Statue 
 Story - Cry For Help
Story - The Golden Gift 
Story - The cracked Pots 
Story - The Pearls  
Story - Read This If Your Kids Chat Online  
Story - Chuan and Jing
Story - Power of Positive Talk & Encouragement
Story - my son and ice cream
Story - The Farmer's daughter
Story - Sharpen your skills
Story - Keeping Others Happy
Story - The Pond of Milk
Story - Self appraisal
Story - The Power of Positive Talk
Story - From Stress to Strength
Story - A Good Lesson
Story - The Wise Farmer of China
Story - Stay focused
Story – The Two brothers - Concluding Good and Bad
Story - The Green Concept
Story - Pick Up in the rain
Story – The Gold Coins - The 99 Club
Story – The Soap Box
Story - The Touching Farewell 
Story - Borrowing the Pen 
Story - The Golden Gift
Story - 500 Baloons
Story - Good People Bad People  
Story - Kindness of Poor Farmer
Story - The Doctor
Story - Do It Now 
Story - Two Seeds
Story - The Crow, The Parrot and The Peacock  
Story - German Food
Story - Costly Mobile
Story - Always Ask, Never Assume
Story - Man Locked In Cold Room 
Story - Five Small Stories with Lessons 
Story - The Miracle - The Brother and Sister 
Story - The Whisper 
Story - 12 Small Stories Worth Reading 
Story - Monkey and the Wooden Apes
Story - Powerful Relationship
Story - The Costly Mobile
Story - Love and Affection
Story - The Splended Love Story
Story - The Corn Field
Story - Perfection is a Habit
Story - Parrot and Peacock
Story - The Golden Gift

Story: The Woman and the Bread
Aliza Explains Love
Story: The 10 Wild Dogs
Story: The Park Bench
One Bedroom Flat - A Touching Story for Expats
Story: Father and Son Flying Kite
Story: The Costly Jaguar
Story: The President's Father
Story - The Monkey And The Apples
Story - The Carpenters - Bridging the gap
Story - Man and The Hotel Owner
Story – The bus driver - A Management Lesson
Story - The Teacher, The Students and The Potatoes
Story - Counting the countless
Story - The loving couple
Story - The appreciation
Story - A small Encouragement Tale
Story - Need of a shark
Story - Dad and Son: Love People Use Things
Story - Tears of Happiness
Story - Carelessness in medicines usage
Story - The Gardener and the garden
Story - This is our every day life
Humor - Why is it so? 
Story - Millions of Frogs
Story- The Cycle Man
Story - Three Workers
Story: The Hotel Consultant from Japan
Story: The Lovely Girl with Two Apples
Story: The Lady and the 4 Turtles
Story: The Shark and the Glass Wall
Story: The Wooden Bowl
Story: Old Parents
Story: The Farmer and Onions
Story: The Ant In The Balcony
Mr. Nazir Lost His Wife
Story: Ajay and Anita
Story: Singapore Taxi
Story: The Two Falcons
Story: ​ How God Answers our Prayers
Story - Ant In the Balcony
Story - Ajay and Anita
Story - The Singapore Taxi
Story - The Lady and 4 Turtles
Story - Shark and Glass Wall
Story - Love and Marriage
Story - The Wooden Bowl
Story - The Two Falcons
Story - How God Answers Your Prayers
Story: The Farmer and Onions
Mr. Nazir Lost His Wife
Story: The Lovely Girl with Two Apples
Story: The Farmer Selling Butter to Baker
Story: The New Emperor
Story: The Happy Bird
Story: Over Confident? Think Twice
Story: Over confidence of Lady after Shopping
Story: The Mosquito and the Elephant
Story: The Mother, The Son and Shop Keeper
Safiya and Meraj story
Story of a Business Man Who Worked As a Cleaner
Story: Ahmed and Aisha - The Couple
Story: The Genius
Humor: Woman in the Court
Story: Lights of Times Square
Story: The Farmer Selling Butter to Baker
Story: Love and Marriage
Story - The Doctor and the Father 
Story - The Old Man, His Wife and the Doctor 
Story - A Touching Farewell 
Story - Unique Human Flaws
Story - Feast for Clothes 
Story - Duck Quacks Eagle Soars
Story - Its Never Too Late
Story - The Secret to Peaceful Marriage
Story - The Secret of Managing Stress
Story - The Corn Field
Story - The Purpose of Our Lives
Story - Born to Win
Story - Remembering and Forgetting
Story - The Excellent Employee 
Story - The Man in Trouble 
Story - The Tube Lights 
Story - The Costly Mobile 
Story - The Family Goes to Village 
Story - The Cow and the Owner
Story - The Unhappy Young Lady 
Story - The Successful Tennis Player
Story - Take Care of Your Rocks
Story - The Girl and the Necklace 
Story - Pencil and Eraser 
Story - The Scholar and the Ferryman 
Story - The Kings Teeth
Story - The Worms
Story - Stay Sharp
Story - Bad Temper
Story - Donkey in the Well
Story - The Black Telephone
Story - Judging Others Based On Their Looks
Story - The Red Light Signal
 Story - The Dubai Beach and the Car Battery Issue
Story - The Mother, the daughter and the map
Story - The Stone Soup
Story - Honest Abe
Story - Coffee and Cups
Story: Ahmed and Aisha - The Couple
Story: Complaining without any intention of Solution
Story: Chicken, Chicken, Chicken
Story: The Woman and the Parrot
Story: My Father and the Burnt Biscuit
Story - Secret of success
Story: Young Mom with Kids on the Beach
Story: Unconditional Love
Story: I was So Angry that I Left Home