Tightly clench your hand. After a few seconds, you'll notice how tiring it is to do this.

Holding on takes energy. It doesn't really matter what we're holding on to, a relationship, job, or material possessions, but it all takes energy. Now you can't reach out or grasp anything new when your hands are clenched to hold on!

Why We Don't Let Go: There are many, many reasons why we don't let go. Sometimes it means facing our grief or other challenging emotions. For example, we might fear of being lonely. Or we might not want to let go of a job because we feel worried about money.

It's really helpful to identify these emotions.

Once you've identified the emotion that's holding things up, practice letting that emotion go. More damage is done by holding on to things too long than is done by letting it go.

Write a few sentences about something you are holding things up. Now, scrunch up that paper and burn it. this will be particularly helpful with thoughts and emotions that we need to be release.

Re-frame the idea of letting go and think of it. Moving things along is being the natural flow of life and it involves releasing so the new can come in.

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