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9 Writing Tips for College Leaders

9 Writing Tips for College Leaders If you are thinking about your application essay, you already have so many things to be proud o...

9 Writing Tips for College Leaders

If you are thinking about your application essay, you already have so many things to be proud off. You have finished an entire educational level, taken and passed all the tests, and got great recommendations. Now the time has come to focus on the thing every student puts off – the essay.

‘’The sad thing about admission essays is that the committee will spend up to 5 minutes reading yours, but you will spend days and weeks perfecting it. However, establishing yourself as a leader and a great candidate could affect your entire educational journey, which makes it totally worth it’’ – says Jan Meer, admission writing specialist at AssignmentGeek writing service.

If you already possess the qualities of a college leader, you shouldn’t dread the application process. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of tips that will help you write an amazing essay:

1- Tell Your Story
Your essay is an opportunity to market yourself.Offer the admission officers a story, an insight into what makes you special and worthy of their attention. Your essay should tell the committee why you’d be a great part of the team, and what you’ll bring to the leaders’ community.

2- Focus on the Reader 
Investigate your audience. Keep in mind that you are writing for individuals that read hundreds, if not thousands of essays every year, and have only minutes to spend on your application.
Make sure to grab their attention from the very beginning. If you start with vague statements, they will rapidly toss your essay aside. Your audience for this essay demands a leader, not a follower.

3- Be Unique 
Many students tell the exact same story. Even if it is the best story there is, reading the same thing over and over again is surely not fun for anyone.
If you believe your story is common, rethink the topic completely. Try to find some aspect of your life, or some trait that makes you distinctive.
Find a completely new topic and work on it. Even if it is not as intriguing as the ‘common topics’, at least it will be unique. This should grab the reader’s attention much faster than reading the same essay, but only with different wording.

4- Trigger Their Senses 
Your application is primarily a story. When we tell a story, we allow the listener to imagine the story, get the sense of the surrounding, and trigger images in their mind. You can do the same with writing.
Use your leadership skills to guide the readers through the story. Let them hear and see the objects and feel the emotions. Use your words to trigger their senses.

5- Toss the Thesaurus Away 
The admission officers don’t expect you to use big words in telling your story. They expect you to tell a story that is worth telling, so toss the thesaurus away. Big words may make you sound smarter, but most readers prefer content that does not require re-reading.
After all, they don’t really have time to read complex writings.

6- Don’t Repeat Yourself
If you have written it in the application, don’t repeat yourself in the essay. Information such as your test scores, volunteer experience and grades belongs to the other parts of the application, not your essay. Your essay serves only to fill in the blanks.

7- Ask Someone Else to Read It 
We tend to be attached to our own writing, especially if it tells our story. Do the wise thing and ask someone to read the essay before you submit it. Others will help you see things you cannot see on your own, and advise you to make changes that would make the essay better.

8- Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes 
Even if you are attached to some part of your writing, remove it if you learn that it is not necessary. You have word limit to your essay, so try to make the most of it.

9- Polish Your Writing 
We know how exhausting the writing part is, but you must never skip the editing process. First edit your story, then proofread it. Not the other way around.

Follow your tips, and you can lead your own path toward success.