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What Not to Dump In Your Drain

Our household drains are cunning contraptions; agents of deception really. They act as magic portals that rinse our messes away, and on...

Our household drains are cunning contraptions; agents of deception really. They act as magic portals that rinse our messes away, and once we have dispatched something down the sink or toilet, we really never think of it again. However, there are many things that we pour down the drain that can cause absolute mayhem in household pipes. So, for the sake of healthy plumbing, here are some of the more common contenders for things you shouldn’t send down your pipes.
1. Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta absorb water over time and become much bigger than before. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time for them to dissolve in water, which could easily result in a clogged drain.

2. Eggshells
People like to believe that if you break eggshells into small parts, they won’t get stuck, but this is not entirely true. The small pieces can stick to one another which can result in the formation of one huge piece over time, leading to a clogged pipe.
3. Flour
Flour and water will combine inside your drain to make a glue-like mixture. This mixture will attract other waste, and a huge clog will form.
4.. Medicine
Some people believe that medicine dissolves easily in water, so they chuck their pills down the drain. However, in actuality, they don’t dissolve in water, they contaminate the water. Water filters can clear most microorganisms but there is no filter that can clear medicine contamination from the water.
5. Hair
Hair is one of the most common reasons why pipes get clogged in the bathroom. This is especially true if you have long hair. When your hair gets into the drain, it gets stuck inside and forms a ball which acts as a net for other waste. So, the next time you clean the hair from your comb, make sure you throw it in the trash. You should also get into the habit of brushing your hair before taking a shower as this will help to decrease the amount of hair in the drain.
6. Stickers from Fruits and Jars
Even if the stickers are small, you should throw them in the trash instead of washing them down the sink. These stickers have glue on them and are made of materials that take a very long time to decompose.
7. Building Waste
No matter where the building waste comes from, you should never throw it down the drain. This goes for very small pieces and even powder-like debris. The big chunks will form clogs and the small ones can end up on the side of the drain and lead to some serious issues.
8. Condoms
They might seem innocent at first, but you should keep in mind that they are made of latex, which never dissolves. They can also stretch very well and get stuck inside pipes. Besides, condoms can get filled with air, or other waste, which will lead to a serious clog that could be extremely hard to get rid of.
9. Cigarette Butts
The filter in the butt is synthetic and will absorb water and expand. The worst part is that it never dissolves. Furthermore, cigarette butts contain harmful chemicals, like nicotine, which can contaminate the water supply.
10. Feminine Products
Everyone knows that these things are designed to absorb fluids, so they can increase in size and cause serious clogs if thrown away down the drain.