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What Is So Special About Bhutan?

Bhutan is a tiny little country which is landlocked and is situated in South Asia. It is located in the Eastern Himalayas. It has Tibet to...

Bhutan is a tiny little country which is landlocked and is situated in South Asia. It is located in the Eastern Himalayas. It has Tibet to its north and to the west it has Sikkim and India. The southern and eastern borders are also of India. The capital is Thimphu and Phuntsholing is considered to be its financial center. The independence of this country is worth mentioning because it has withstood centuries of company with two powerful neighbors, China and India. This certainly speaks volumes about the independent minded people of this country. It is also a major tourist attract because of its location and the scenic beauty which it offers. It also is country with lot of history and culture behind it and is a big center for Buddhist temples and other wonderful and age-old constructions. Hence it would be interesting to know more about this fantastic country and the kind of tourism opportunities and facilities that it offers.
It has Fantastic Things To Offer
It may not be possible to cover the entire length and breadth of Bhutan even after a month’s of travel. Hence it would be better to check out the various places of interest and the various things you can do when you are on a visit to this majestic and beautiful country. The list is long and therefore you need to plan and then decide as to which the best option is. It would be better to take professional help from service providers like
BookMyTour because they will be able to help out with the best of tourist options keeping in mind your time, your age, the weather conditions and most importantly the kind of budgets which you would like to spend. Hence, we are happy to share a few of the places that you would perhaps like to see when you are on the visit to this wonderful country.
Taktshang Goemba Or The Tiger’s Nest
If you are interested with the Buddhist religions and would like to know more about its past and history, it is imperative that you spend some decent time visiting Taktshang Goemba or the Tiger’s Nest. Situated in Paro, is the place which Guru Rinponcha visited during the 8th century. He is supposed to have visited this place to rid the place of evil spirits which caused lot of harm and disturbance to the people. Legend has it that the Guru visited Taktshang on a tiger’s back to get rid of the evil spirits after taming them. The monastery is fantastically located and it literally hangs on a cliff. The monastery overlooks a gorgeous forest of pine and rhododendrons. Spending some time on this monastery would most certainly be a memorable and unforgettable experience.
Phobjikha Valley
This is another superb and not-to be forgotten places of visit as far as Bhutan is concerned. It can be reached form Paro and should take around one and a half hour by road. You have to first move upwards to around 3300 meters above sea level and then descend down to the green plain. When you are on the top of the hill you can have a majestic vies of the Gangtey monastery. The entire area is breathtakingly beautiful and the flora and fauna which you will come across the way is also something which will remain etched in your memory for a long period of time. It is the place to be in, if you want to have the closest look at the famous black necked crane. The mountain ranges are simply stunning and therefore you must try and spend as much time as possible in this place.

The above are just two examples of the many wonderful places of tourist interest. However, if you are really keen on getting the best out of your visit to this wonderful country, you must take professional help from service providers like BookMyTour. They will take care of the travel, hotel booking, sightseeing, transfers from airport to hotel and other such needs and requirements. A visit to the website is certainly recommended. This will most certainly give you a good idea about the kind of package you should choose, the number of days you must spend, the kind of things you must carry with you and so on.