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Why Link Building is Still Important for Higher Rankings?

In order to rank high in search engine results pages, you need to pay attention to creating high quality content. Of course, the quality ...

In order to rank high in search engine results pages, you need to pay attention to creating high quality content. Of course, the quality content will provide your users with what they are looking for and help them decide if they really want to make a purchase. From SEO perspective, you need to pay attention to content because it helps you build valuable links. Yes, Google algorithms have changed a lot over the years, but the basics are still the same. Whether you decide to work with a professional SEO company Thailand or you decide to take charge of your SEO campaign, you should never underestimate the importance of finding right links to include in your content.

Social Medial Validation

There is a common misconception that with the popularity of social networking sites, backlinks are no longer important. The reality is different because social media and user engagement have their role to play, but Google do not always rely on social media signals to rank your pages. One big reason is that Google may not want its competitors to gain importance, which is going to happen if they take Facebook signals seriously.  

Reasons Why Link Building Is Still Important For SEO:

· It Takes Time And Investment To Build Links: Google knows that it is hard to build a huge database of quality links, so they take it seriously when a page has quality backlinks. Implementing links need a serious investment – it is not about buying links though but is more about the time it takes to build your link pool. You have to check different websites, find a page, evaluate its content, and then decide to implement a link. It is much more time-consuming than embedding a link into any social media update.

· It Serves As A Public Endorsement: Google still values links because they serve as a public endorsement, and anything that public likes matters to Google because it helps them make certain changes to boost user experience. When you get a link from an authority site, it tells Google that you have valuable content and that you are running an authentic business because an authority site would not risk its brand by linking to you. Another good thing is that since the link stays on your page, it serves as a permanent endorsement as well.

· It Requires Skills To Find The Right Link: By linking to an authority site, you are actually taking a big risk. You are telling your readers to leave your site and check that other site. Google knows that, but it makes them believe that you care for your visitors and want the best content for them. By taking that little risk, you are sending a signal that you do not want anything but the best for your users. Google values that and ranks your site higher.

Always Focus on Quality

It is true that link building is still effective, but you have to understand that only quality links matter today. Gone are the days when you could get good results by getting hundreds of low quality links. Today, Google is overly obsessed about quality, so you need to ensure that you use unique data-driven content to get good results.

In order to create high quality content, you should start by finding the right topic for your posts. Consider taking advantage of data acquired through surveys or you can also create content around customer trend information. Anything that provides your users with something unique and effective will help. Also, do not forget to take advantage of guest blogging to get high quality links for your blog.

Create Links for People

Again, the quality matters, and one way to gauge the quality is how people can interact with your links that you have embedded in your content. You have to understand that your ultimate goal should be to make 'humans' click the link you are posting. It will make them go to the web page you want them to see. Links that no one click on is certainly a waste of effort and time. It may be important for search engine rankings because it has an impact on search bots, but after the introduction of new updates and Google's reliance on Artificial Intelligence, it is important for you to change your focus when running a link building campaign.

When trying to create links for humans, you need to pay special attention to finding the right anchor text to present the link. You should also ensure that your anchor text actually encourages people to take an action and do not just ignore it. You will have to conduct extensive research to be able to find such anchor texts. Keep in mind that in 2018, link building is not all about populating your website with external links, but you need quality links that serve as 'references' to your content. In case you are not sure, it would have been much better to focus your energies on creating high quality content and promoting it in the right way to win quality links for your website.

The Bottom Line

It would not be wrong to suggest that a lot has changed in the world of SEO, but Google still takes notice of certain signals to rank your business higher. However, you have to understand the importance of creating quality content and finding the right sites/pages to link your site to, or else you will end up facing the brunt of Google because they no longer tolerate low quality content. Not conducting a link building campaign with focus on quality would never get you the type of results you need. Therefore, it is better to work with a professional SEO company in Thailand to ensure that you never miss an algorithm change and get valuable backlinks for your website. SEO experts know how new algorithms have changed the concept of link building, and know how to rank your site higher by using links and taking other steps. Visit the official website for further details on link building at

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