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The Elegant Celebration Party

After years of hard & dedicated service to his Company, Ajay was being appointed at an elegant reception as the new Director. It w...

After years of hard & dedicated service to his Company, Ajay was being appointed at an elegant reception as the new Director.

It was a small function where his wife Anita , a Home Executive & some of the wives of the other persons in top management were also present.

In an adjacent room, Ann, the wife of the CEO of the Company, asked Ajay's wife a very odd & unusual question; "Does your husband make you happy?"

The husband, Ajay, who at that moment was not at her side, but was
sufficiently near to hear the question, paid attention to the conversation, sitting up slightly, feeling secure, even filling his chest lightly in pride & hope, that she would definitely not publicly lower or degrade her husband,
would answer affirmatively, since she had always been there for him during their marriage and generally in life.
Nevertheless, to both his & the others' surprise, she replied simply; "No, no, he doesn't make me happy..."

The room became uncomfortably silent, as if everyone was listening to the spouse's response. There was a sudden coldness in the air. The husband was petrified. A frown appeared on his face. He couldn't believe what his wife was saying, especially at such an important occasion for him. To the amazement of her husband & of everyone!

Anita sat up firmly & explained in a modest but stern tone to the other wives who were present; "No, he doesn't make me happy... I AM HAPPY  by my own choice​ .
The fact that I am happy or not doesn't depend on him, but on me.
Both of us have the intellect & discretion to reason, interpret & decide.
And I am the person upon whom my happiness depends.

I make the choice to be happy in each situation & in each moment of my life ​ with Ajay​ .
If my happiness were to depend on other people, on other things or
circumstances on the face of this earth, I would be in serious trouble!

Over my life I have learned a couple of things: I decide to be happy & the rest is a matter of 'experiences or circumstances' like helping,
understanding, accepting, listening, consoling & with my spouse, I have lived & practiced this many times.

Honestly, true happiness lies in being content"

Relieved & reassured, a smile was clearly noticed on Ajay's face.

Happiness will always be found in contentment, forgiveness & in loving ourselves & others. To truly love is difficult, it is to forgive unconditionally, to live, to take the "experiences or circumstances" as they are, facing them together & being happy with conviction.

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