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​Car Accident Lawyer Income

  If, for some reason, you got into a car accident and the other party is at fault, it’s best to contact a car accident lawyer. You can ...


If, for some reason, you got into a car accident and the other party is at fault, it’s best to contact a car accident lawyer. You can begin your search at Now, lawyers are expensive, but how much should you expect to pay? Read on to learn more about how much a car accident lawyer charges for a case.The Contingency Fee
You do your best to
avoid bad driving habits because nobody wants to get involved in a car accident. But if a reckless driver places you in danger, it’s important to contact a car accident lawyer.

Car accident lawyers charge differently from other lawyers that charge by the hour. Typically, a car accident lawyer will ask for a “contingency fee” when they take injury cases. Such a fee is paid only when you get money in your case, where the lawyer obtains a percentage of the money from the insurance settlement.

Here are some things to remember about contingency fees.

● The part of the settlement that the lawyer can have in a contingency agreement differs among states. The typical percentage varies from 25 to 40 percent, with 33 percent being the standard. This means that if the settlement gives you 90,000 USD and you agree to a 33 percent contingency fee, the lawyer will have 30,000 USD.

● Several states have varying percentages depending on the stage of the case and the amount that is recovered in the case.

● It is highly recommended that you speak with your lawyer regarding the contingency fee while carefully reviewing the legal services contract. In case you don’t understand the fees arrangement in the contract, request that the lawyer explain it to you.

● Note that the fees are negotiable. If you have a clear case—meaning the damages and liability are clear, the defendant’s insurance is reliable, and there is sufficient evidence to support your claims—you can surely ask for a lower percentage.


Case Expenses and Fees
Other fees and expenses such as litigation and court fees may be charged to you or not depending on your legal services contract and your lawyer.

● These expenses and fees can include expert witness, court reporter, police report, medical records, subpoena, and summonses fees.

● There are personal injury companies that require their clients to pay the previously mentioned fees as they are needed. If your contract says that you will pay for these costs, expect that a personal injury company will contact you for payment as these fees as required. Lack of payment will most likely result in your case not proceeding promptly.

● Some companies, usually large ones, will take care of these expenses and fees. However, all these charges will be deducted from the settlement that you will get in the case.

For example, you had 100,000 USD as a final settlement. The contract stated that the additional expenses are on you and, say, these totaled 10,000 USD. If the lawyer is to get 30 percent of the settlement, he will have a contingency fee of 30,000 USD.

● It’s important to remember that the lawyer takes the percentage fee from the net settlement—the amount left after deducting expenses incurred.
Other Arrangements
A pure contingency fee arrangement does not apply to all cases. At times, lawyers can ask for an initial retainer to start your case, as well as have a contingency fee when the case is finalized. But in this case, the retainer that you paid the lawyer is deducted from the percentage due the lawyer.

Let’s take an example where you paid a 2,000 USD retainer for a car accident case. If you recovered 60,000 USD at the end of the case, and the contract states a 30 percent contingency fee to the lawyer, the lawyer will get 20,000 USD – 2,000 USD or 18,000 USD.

Majority of car accident cases do not deal with a flat fee payment for their legal services. Flat fees are usually asked for in less-complex cases. Law firms usually ask for a flat fee when the legal representation is restricted to drafting and answering a demand letter. In these cases, you can expect fees between 300 and 1,000 USD.
Are Car Accident Lawyers Worth the Cost?
It is generally beneficial to hire a lawyer for accidents involving severe injuries. If you only had minor injuries or no harm in the accident, you may negotiate an adequate settlement yourself. It would only mean more expenses and hassle to pay a lawyer around one-third of a guaranteed agreement. If you were seriously injured in an accident, the value of your settlement increases. The lawyer gets a portion of the settlement called a
contingency fee. This percentage varies among states, the stage of the case, and the settlement involved. For cases involving severe injuries, hiring a car accident lawyer is recommended and practical.