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5 Reasons Why Golf Will Improve Your Health

Golf is a great option for any of you out there looking for a fun way to improve your health. If you are in need of a low ...

Golf is a great option for any of you out there looking for a fun way to improve your health. If you are in need of a low impact activity that has proven health-related benefits, you need not look any further. Golf has you covered. Even if you’re not one of the golfer pros. Almost anyone, at any stage of life, can take up golf.

Why do so many people love to play the game of golf? The sport is not only enjoyable, but it can really help you live a healthier life. There are so many ways that golf is great for your mind and body. Broken down below are the top reasons as to why golf can improve your health.

5 Reasons Why Golf Will Improve Your Health

1. Improves Your Ability to Handle Stress

When you take to the golf course you will enjoy more than playing the sport. You also will have a great time with friends, and your time outside will help you get fresh air for your lungs.

Any time you go outside, your chances of reducing stress improve. Being able to spend quality time with friends and socialize also helps improve your stress levels. Golf presents plenty of those outdoor and socializing opportunities. And the fact that golf also releases endorphins makes stress even less of an issue in your life. Less stress means a healthier you.

2. Your Cognitive Skills Can Improve

Golf helps you become a better problem solver, and you also learn to pay attention better. When you don't win a round of golf, or when you sink a long put; you learn to identify and handle emotions better. Your ability to remember and respond better also improves.

Your brain will be better suited for all kinds of situations. You will notice the positive impact on cognitive functioning. On top of the aforementioned cognitive skills improving, your mobility, attention level, and logic and reasoning abilities will become better. You also will see yourself pay attention to things easier, and you notice you can process and perceive information quicker and more accurately.

3. You Will Discover that You Sleep Better

Yes, watching golf on a Sunday afternoon can lead to some pretty amazing naps. While we don't necessarily mean that you must ditch that recliner and head to the courses every Sunday, you would be better off than sitting in a recliner with a bag of chips dreaming of donning that green jacket from August.

Any time you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, you are able at day's end to fall asleep quicker and sleep longer. You will have a better over-all night's sleep.

Golf will work wonders toward helping you get some quality shut-eye.

4. Helps Maintain Muscles and Add Physical Strength

Have you noticed that people of all ages and abilities enjoy the game of golf? One of the main reasons its popularity resonates with so many different age groups is because it's a low impact sport that helps mitigate muscle loss and helps nurture improved strength.

Golf requires just enough movement and stamina to make sure muscles get put to the test without being overworked. You also can appreciate that golf will add strength to your entire body.

5. You Can Lose Weight and Manage Weight

If you walk an 18 hole golf course carrying your bag, you can burn 1500 calories. 1500 is more than half of the number of calories you are supposed to consume daily.

You also get exercise in through swinging the clubs and the bends and twists your body makes during the different shots on a hole. All of those shots build strength in different parts of your body. The improved muscle strength we mentioned prior gives way to an easier ability to lose and manage your weight.

Before You Tee Off...

You must remember that you might not see immediate results after just one round of golf. But just like you noticed how much easier it is to make a put, you also will notice improvements to your health with time. Each of the five aforementioned benefits will be realized.