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15 Ways To Find New Job

By Junaid Tahir: Are you a new graduate or you are one of those who l aid off recently or want to move to a new company to increase yo...

By Junaid Tahir:
Are you a new graduate or you are one of those who laid off recently or want to move to a new company to increase your professional horizon for the sake of growth and better finances? Here are some tips which should help you in finding the new job:

1-     Join Google and Yahoo groups where recent jobs are posted by the hundreds of recruiters.
2-    Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Join job related groups and get connected with hiring companies. LinkedIn has become one of major resource for recruiters to reach relevant professionals. Send private emails to ALL of your contacts and ask them to consider/forward your resume for new job in their company.
3-    Make a list of companies of your domain. For example you can search on google by the words "list of telecom companies in middle east". Visit their website and apply. I know several people who were contacted within a week of applying online. 

4-    Get social. Make new online friends on twitter, Facebook and Digg and Blogger. Try to spread your current jobless status as much as possible. You never know which of your online friend refer you to someone for new job.
5-    Search for the local companies and try to visit them in person. Although this is not an effect way of getting job in most of the metro cities but you never know when your luck knocks your door. Article written by Junaid.Tahir
6-    Join online job forums and HR related website where people like you are sharing new tips and  recommending new companies.
7-    Market yourself as much as you can. Give comments on HR forums, LinkedIn. Run a blog if possible and include your blog address in your resume. As example, visit my blog   
8-    Search for low profile companies. There are several companies which are usually less known to public but providing services to major companies. Sometimes they are referred to as sub-contractors or out sourced companies. Search online with these key words (sub contractors, outsourced, subcons etc)
9-    Contact all of your on-job friends in different companies by phone & email again and again. Keep reminding them to assist you in finding your new job. Article written by Junaid Tahir
10-  do you keep the 'Visiting cards' of people you meet? if yes, it's time to check all those visiting cards and contact those friends/ professionals through email/phone. Article written by Junaid.Tahir
11-   Consider adhoc jobs in local market while you search for your dream job. Use your temporary job to make new contacts.
12-  consider adhoc jobs (online data entry, surveys etc). At least you can earn something while you search for the job in your actual domain.
13-  Get registered with recruiting companies. Google it.
14-  Read news paper daily (online AND printed version both). Classified sections contain new jobs.
15-  Consider working in international market and consider all points mentioned above for each country, whichever applicable

And finally I would ask you to read these tips again and again and keep working till you get what you are looking for. Further, While you are in your job search, I would like to advise:
1-     Don't get dishearten or depressed. Life is mixture of good and bad timings. With every difficulty, a delightful time always comes. Your depressed approach might result in deficiency in your efforts.
2-    Time to time read optimism articles to keep your pace high. Please read some of my articles on happiness, positivity and optimism at 
3-    Adjust your finances by reducing your daily expense. Spend carefully but don't deprive your family members from their rights J
4-    Keep learning and keep polishing your skills. Refresh your knowledge. Read interview tips. This will be required in your next interview.
5-    Update your resume and include Job Descriptions from your previous job. Google some websites for resume updating tips.  

All the best !