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5 Techniques to Recharge Your Employees

By Junaid Tahir I have realized that I can relate any employee with a re-chargeable battery. To elaborate it more, lets consider ...

By Junaid Tahir

I have realized that I can relate any employee with a re-chargeable battery. To elaborate it more, lets consider the analogy of smart phones. In most of the smart phones the battery consumption is displayed on the top right corner of mobile screen. When the consumption percentage falls below 25%, the color of battery icon turns orange and when it is less than 10% the color goes alarmingly red. So it is responsibility of the owner to ensure timely charging to keep it functional. Just like that, it is responsibility of each manager to closely observe the discharge level of each member of his/her team and take appropriate measures to ensure high efficiency of the employee consequently getting maximum throughput. The good news is that when employees are charged more and more, they produce the results in the same high proportion!

So below are some techniques which can be considered to boost the charge level:

1-    Trainings: Needless to emphasize the importance of training, this is one of the critically important aspect of professional growth and ultimately for the business enhancement. It's a genuine Win-Win approach. I highly recommend studying the concept of "Sharpen The Saw" from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly effective people ®. The trainings can either be online, or in-house or at international level. Further, podcasts can also be considered.

2-   Professional Membership: Encourage employee to join professional groups. Even if the company has to pay some amount for the membership, it should be done. Employee will get satisfaction for being the member and will learn new ideas and trends in the industry which will eventually help business growth.

3-   Get together: If possible, Employee's families to be invited as well. This will give extra boost to employee's satisfaction index. Outdoor activities including Lunch, games and fun activities can be considered.

4-   Financial benefits: This is the most attractive part from employee's perspective. This can either be on annual or project basis. Specific targets can be set in terms of sale (or any applicable Key Performance Indicator). High KPI should result in high bonus. This will ensure employee go extra mile to achieve high and high. Also Employee of the month is another technique which should be used. A certificate along with optimal amount of cash will feed extra energy.

5-   Knowledge based sessions: Technical and motivational lectures/events should be arranged on weekly or monthly basis. You may find a gem within your team who loves to speak on a specific subject. Find such people and give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with other colleagues.