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7 Qualities of Great Spirits

By Junaid Tahir: Everyone nowadays is craving for peace of mind through monetary achievements however what people don't unders...

By Junaid Tahir:

Everyone nowadays is craving for peace of mind through monetary achievements however what people don't understand is that materialistic achievements provide temporary happiness but not the long lasting state of abundance. On the contrary, a person possessing a Great Spirit regardless of being poor or rich can have a great contentment state of mind. You may think that practicing the qualities of the Great Spirit is not an easy job and only special people can develop and practice such traits, I would disagree with you. You must remember that all people are born with the same principles of nature (including you) however successful and peaceful people are those who have the tendency to learn things which are good for their body, heart and soul !!! Having said that, below are the 8 qualities which you must strive for in order to join the league of Great Spirits and enjoy the ultimate mental and spiritual happiness:

1- Great Spirits lack the ability to conflict, complain, curse, conspire and criticise. (More details about 6Cs can be read here.) They mind their own business. They have the least tendency of discussing people. They believe in the fact that small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, higher minds discuss ideas and great minds act in silence.

2- They are implosive and optimistic with solid control on their mood swings. They are highly adaptable and resilient to most of the stretched circumstances by having strong control on their negative thoughts.

3- They believe that nothing else but others will remember them on how they made them feel. Hence they are empathic and emotionally intelligent in judging others' situations and feelings in order to resolve their crisis to make them feel good. They have frequent attacks of smiling and laughter to keep others happy.

4- They enjoy the present, forget the past and don't get worried too much about the future. They have a great tendency of living in needs instead of wants hence they have an absence of greed in their nature.

5- They believe that being thankful is the open door to abundance hence they possess a high degree of gratitude. The spiritual people keep reminding themselves that what if they woke up the next day with the only blessings they were thankful for yesterday. The Feeling of gratitude strengthens the degree of contentment. They remember the quote "When Your Head is on the Pillow and the Day is Almost Done – Count God's blessings, Count Them One by One"

6- They believe in simplicity instead of being socially sensitive. They understand that it's perfectly alright not to follow each fashion trend or buy a new luxury car which their friends have because comparing themselves with others is an insulting act. Also pleasing everybody will never bring long lasting peace in their lives.

7- They listen more and speak less. If they speak, they speak what is positive, important or beneficial for others. They know that when a person speaks more he/she is on the verge of making more mistakes hence spiritually strong people listen more and speak less.

While it may take time to develop these habits however once you make concrete commitments with yourself for the pursuit of happiness through practicing these qualities, the journey would become much easier and the fruits of your efforts would be very sweet and long lasting.

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About Author, Junaid Tahir is a telecom engineer and a passionate blogger. He writes articles on Leadership and Stress Managemen. This article was first published on on 25Aug2013