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I Shall Be Happy If ...

"I'll be happy if ____", or "I'll be happy when ____". Will you be totally satisfied after your condition is f...

"I'll be happy if ____", or "I'll be happy when ____". Will you be totally satisfied after your condition is fulfilled.

Are you happy? If not, what is it that you feel you need to be happy? happiness is a state. And, have the ability to access that state at any time we choose.

If you could access happiness anytime you wanted  you could change your life dramatically for the good and forever. Your mind processes information and thinking patterns develop and become semi-permanent.

Most people will think long and hard about changing from their normal behavior. The 'conscious' mind always accomplishes its goal of keeping everything the same. By doing so, it supports a continuation of your current beliefs and everything stays the same. If you believe that you need to have something, do something, or be something to be happy, you'll be right.

No matter what happens around you, you're 'conscious' mind will find ways to support your belief that you can be happy now. you have to make a conscious decision to change the way you think - not only to thinking, but posture, body language, the emotions, feeling. mind is "spinning" and "racing". You teach mind how to control those emotions so that they become positive.

These are words like; should, shouldn't, must, musn't, have to, can't, etc. These words express a necessity, possibility (or lack of), belief, or knowledge that is non-truth-functional; not true in and of themselves. When we put confinements upon ourselves that we "have" to do something, then we feel forced without options.

When a person fully realizes that they have options and the power to choose, then they live a much happier life. Once a person learns this then they are already happier and can learn to be happy for no reason. be something, do something, or have something to be happy. You are now free to be like a child of 4-years-old. They just are happy. When their friend hurts them, they cry and, five minutes later, they are back playing like nothing happened. They have a curiosity that knows no bounds and they get excited and appreciate the little things.

The beautiful thing is that you can have it by remolding your thoughts and thinking patterns.