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"Thanks for reminding me"

      When I wake up in the morning I ached in places I never ached before.     If I felt this way when I was young, I might have c...

    When I wake up in the morning I ached
in places I never ached before.
    If I felt this way when I was young,
I might have called in sick.
    Now it is where I begin and end my day.
    I just discovered that a friend of mine is
dying from cancer.  Now my aches are little to
complain about.
    "Thanks for reminding me, God how blessed
I am."

    I keep my cell phone in my pocket and 
somewhere in my travels I pulled it out to 
use it and must have dropped a twenty dollar
    I was angry.
    Then in the grocery store I watched a young 
mother pay for her child's milk with all
the change she had in her pocket.
    I reached out and paid for it instead.
    "Thanks for reminding me, God."

    While washing my 2007 Honda Fit the other
day I discovered that someone had "keyed"
the side of my car with a deep two foot scratch.
    It's not a new car.  Still, I was angry
that someone would do that.
    When I left the car wash I passed a man 
changing a tire on an old beat up van. It
was rotted out in spots and it appeared 
the spare he was using was worse than the
    His family stood by the side of the road.
    "Thanks for reminding me God." I remember 
those days.  I may never have another 
brand new car, but I still have a good one.

    I made an appointment to speak to my 
psychologist because I was facing new
challenges and needed help.
    While I was sitting in the waiting room I 
met a mother and her son.  She told me
his father had died recently and he was 
struggling with the loss.
    My problems suddenly seemed trite.
    "Thanks for reminding, God."

    I met a long time friend in the mall today.    
We talked about high school and he told me 
about all the people he spends time with 
from our class.
    I felt bad because no one calls me.  I 
said, "You know you always have been one 
of the most popular guys."
    He didn't believe it.
    I went on to list all of his positive traits
and big accomplishments in his life.
    He paused for a moment and said, "Funny, I 
never saw myself that way. I always felt like 
a loser. Truthfully, I never heard that 
growing up."
    I remember he had a hard life as a teen.
    Then he said, "Thanks for reminding me."
Take a look at your own life.
Then take a look around.
If you made a list of all the good things
You'd be surprised at what you found.
 "You might not be wealthy and you need to work on your health,  
but you are alive, Bob!"
   "Thanks for reminding me, God."