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7 Amazing Reasons Netherlands is Ahead of Many Countries

The Netherlands is a country renowned all over the world for the scale of its ambition when it comes to moving itself into the future, makin...

The Netherlands is a country renowned all over the world for the scale of its ambition when it comes to moving itself into the future, making its citizens safer or making its environment better. In fact, there are many reasons why other countries should conduct their affairs with respect to what the Dutch have achieved so far in their history, not least the 7 below:
1.There are no abandoned pets
The Netherlands’ strict laws against animal abuse have resulted in a recent official confirmation that there are actually no abandoned dogs or cats in the country. Its government also achieved this without any harm being done.
2. It features the world’s first solar-powered bike lane
Marking a huge breakthrough in road construction for the future, the very first solar pathway in the world was opened in 2015. The short stretch uses solar power to light its streetlights and to charge electric vehicles. It’s thought that the technology could be incorporated into major roads pretty soon.
3. Charging points for electric cars are every 50 meters
As further proof of its efforts to make its transportation system sustainable, there are charging points for electric vehicles every 50 meters along the Netherlands’ city streets.
4. There’s a town that’s completely car-less.
During the 1980s, the citizens of the Dutch town of Houten decided to encourage everyone living in the town to take up their bikes rather than constantly using cars to get around. Eventually, the population of 4,000 got rid of their cars from the town altogether.
5. Diesel and gasoline-powered cars are going to be outlawed.
The Dutch government has committed to banning the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered cars by 2025. In addition, alternative-fuel car owners don’t have to pay a private motor vehicle tax. This led to the prices of alternative-fuel cars being reduced by some 15,000 Euros.
6. It keeps having to close prisons due to a lack of inmates.
In the past seven years, the Dutch government has closed no less than 19 prisons, and this is because the country has an incredibly low incarceration rate, which is a mere 163 people per 100,000. The incarceration rate in the USA is more than four times as high.
7. There are wildlife crossings for animals.
A wonderful innovation of the Dutch government is the addition of "ecoducts" over its roads. These passageways allow wildlife to cross over busy roads from one part of a forest to another in complete safety.