We almost always never see it coming. It crawls up on us like a night thief and ends up stealing our joy the whole day.

Whether it's an unproductive day at work, boring day at school or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a bad day can leave you wishing you could fast-forward time.

Since you're not an alien from Jupiter or in possession of a time travel machine, you're better off facing reality.

These tips should set you off in the right path.

Accept The Situation: This might not seem as the best thing to do – since a bad day leaves you in denial. But the more you try to fight the situation, the bigger it comes back attacking you from different angles. Accept the obvious and you'll reduce the extent to which the misfortunes will affect you.

Relax Your Mind: While this might prove impossible at the time when the world seem to be upside down (In your mind), if you eventually manage to get your mind settled, you're two steps towards getting over everything. Listening to good music can get you quickly into a calm state. You can go deeper by meditating.

Confront The Situation: We are often times the engineer behind a bad day. Figuring out the possible reason(s) behind it is arguably the quickest way to putting smile back on your face. Think a little deep about it. Could it have been the extra stress at work? Or as a result of a break up? A bad day could also be caused by pressure or excessive thinking and worrying. If you're able to figure what started it all, pat yourself on the back, you're good to go.

Drink Tea: No, not tea exactly, but if that's what gives you good feeling and takes away negative energy, get on with it. For some, its chocolate, ice cream, alcohol or taking a shower (no pun intended). Do whatever gives you positive vibes and viola – you're good to good.
These are just a few ideas about dealing with a bad day. Hope you don't mind sharing what works for you?

Henry Nnaike source: Sterling

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