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Why Is A Good Night’s Sleep Essential For Success?

One in three adults in America  don’t get enough  sleep, says the CDC, and if this is your case, you could be exposing yourself to...

One in three adults in America don’t get enough 
sleep, says the CDC, and if this is your case, you could be exposing yourself to bigger health risks than you realize. Sleep deprivation can cause serious problems for your health in the long run (including an increased risk of obesity and heart disease), but did you know it can also impact on your business and personal success? If you haven’t been getting enough shut-eye lately, the remedy is easy. All you need to do is embrace good sleep hygiene, keep stress levels down, and make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation.

Boost your brain function by sleeping well
Research has shown that sleep deprivation can affect your memory, concentration, and your ability to learn: three key qualities that successful business people need on a daily basis. Other studies have shown important links between a lack of sleep and the ability to pay attention. The effect of sleep deprivation is cumulative; if you routinely sleep for fewer than six hours, significant cognitive performance deficits result, even if it seems that you have adapted to this shorter rest period.

The effect of sleep on mood
Business leaders and entrepreneurs should embody the core values of their company and this means being positive, energetic, and kind to others. If you aren’t getting enough sleep it is far more difficult to sustain a good mood and display good manners, however. One study published by scientists at Binghamton University found that sleeping less than eight hours a night can produce intrusive, repetitive thought patterns that are seen in those with anxiety and depression. In order to be positive and interact with others optimally, it is important to wake up feeling rested and replenished.

How can you boost your comfort at bedtime?
It is important to find out why you aren’t sleeping as well as you should. It could be something as obvious as stress and worry, or as unexpected as an uncomfortable bedroom. If it is the former, mindfulness-based practices such as yoga, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation are considered effective ways to battle stress naturally. If the problem is comfort, it could be that your mattress doesn’t have the right firmness for your sleeping position. Those who sleep on their back, for instance, need firmer beds than those who sleep on their side. Features such as memory foam, meanwhile, will ensure your entire body is well supported. Mattresses should be replaced every five to 10 years; there are many affordable mattresses to choose from so obtain professional advice to find the one that is right for you.

Optimal bedroom design and furniture
Your bedrooms should be peaceful and appealing. Calming colors such as green, lavender, and light pink have been known to boost tranquility, while red can increase stress. Opt for interiors that calm you down rather than energize you. Try to avoid sharp contrasts between colors and accessories. Ensuring you have enough free, tidy space in which to walk or practice relaxing exercises such as yoga and meditation are also important. Clutter provokes stress and anxiety and should ideally be absent from any room meant for relaxation.

Healthy habits
Try to establish a regular bedtime routine. A warm bath or meditation can help soothe the mind and help you feel sleepy. Avoid coffee and other stimulating beverages in the afternoon, and limit gadget use before bedtime. Finally, ensure your bedroom is dark and cool; when you fall asleep your body naturally drops in temperature so providing it with a cool environment will speed up this process.

To succeed in business, you need to be sharp, alert, and sociable. A good sleep will give you the vitality you need to brave even the most demanding of days. Make sleep a priority through a bedtime routine, optimal room design, and a comfortable bed. You will notice the effects of a good rest almost immediately.