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How to Find the Best Compound Miter Saw – Saws Review

  When it comes to taking on any DIY home renovation project, you often need to start with the basic tools. While there are many saws to c...


When it comes to taking on any DIY home renovation project, you often need to start with the basic tools. While there are many saws to choose from, not all saws make it easy to work with the wood and cut accurately. There are many ways a good wood project can turn into a burden, but if you use the right tools you can easily complete anything you set your mind too.

Whether it be trimming down a new door or finally completing that dream kitchen renovation with beautifully crafted custom cabinet doors, a
Miter Saw Buzz compound miter saw is one tool you will definitely need to complete any job that requires both precision and accuracy in measurements.
Compound Miter Saws That Can Give You the Best Results for Your Next Woodworking Project

When it comes to cutting anything in the world of woodworking you may have heard the saying - measure twice, cut once. With standard handsaws, this may seem more like a joke considering how hard it is to keep the angle and measurements throughout the entire cut. While each saw has its own benefits a compound miter saw is something that can help you get the most accurate cuts with minimal effort.

These saws are built with easy cutting and precision in mind. You can adjust the bevel and guards of the compound miter saw to fit the measurements you require and cut. These saws are excellent for slim cuts such as shaving a door down to fit a door frame or making sure all of your cabinet doors are even.

Top Features You Should Always Look for When Selecting a Compound Miter Saw

When it comes to compound miter saws there is a multitude of features to consider. Here you have the most important features that make up a reliable miter saw.

1.) Blade size
There are three major types of blade sizes for miter saws: 8, 10, and 12-inches. The most common sizes for compound miter saws are the 10 and 12 inches saw blades. The best blades to use are usually made out of steel or aluminum. This will ensure the blades remain sharp for long periods of time before they start to wear out.

2.) Weight 
Not all saws are built to be light and easy to move around. From lightweight hand saws to heavyweight tables saws, no two saws are alike. When it comes to the compound miter saw, weight can be an issue for anyone who is looking for something that can be moved beyond their work table. There are models of compound miter saws that are built to be lightweight and easy to move to where ever you plan to.

3.) Cord or cordless
If you are looking into portability as a factor, the weight will not be the only feature you have to look at. Cords are almost synonymous with power tools, however, there are models of compound miter saws that offer either a cordless feature or the option to have both cord and cordless.
Final Thoughts

If you are unsure about which compound miter saw to choose, then go for a dual compound miter saw. These types of saws are far more versatile in cuts than their single bevel compound miter saw counterparts.