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Edmonton: What Not To Miss

When tourists think of Canada, there are two main elements which will usually spring to mind: Toronto and Niagara Falls. Outside of these t...

When tourists think of Canada, there are two main elements which will usually spring to mind: Toronto and Niagara Falls. Outside of these two—admittedly fantastic–spots there is a treasure trove of other areas, cities, and experiences. One of these that is often overlooked is the city of Edmonton. This historic city sits on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta and truly offers something for everyone. From incredible art galleries to must try culinary experiences, here are the 

top things you mustn't miss on your trip to Edmonton. 

The Alberta Legislature Building

Get to grips with local politics with a free tour of the Alberta Legislature Building. This site is the home to the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council of Edmonton and offers a fascinating insight into the political history and culture of Alberta and its neighbours, as well as a unique peek into the daily running and routine of the Legislative Assembly. The architecture is a stunning backdrop to the drama and offers weight and authority to the pomp of parliamentary traditions and ceremonies.

The Muttart Conservatory

This unique structure is impressive enough from the outside housed in four glass pyramids. These are home to a creative and fantastic botanical gardenwith three different biomes under each pyramid and the fourth reserved for exhibitions and creative displays. This is an accredited museum and is responsible for growing and preserving one of the largest botanical collections in Canada. They aim to innovate in the world of plant science as well as offering a chance to inspire and educate the public about plants, botany, and the incredible creations housed within.

Fort Edmonton Park

Experience the great outdoors and get back to nature by exploring the 64 hectares of Fort Edmonton Park. Located along the river valley, the site takes its name from the first enduring European post in the areaand is the largest living museum in all of Canada.

The four sections represent four eras: 1846, 1885, 1905, and 1920. Visitors can explore the sections via steam train, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. There are also horse-drawn carriages, automobiles, and streetcars, as well as costumed historical interpreters to give you a genuine insight into the incredible history of the park and provide an authentic experience.

If history is not so much your thing, not to worry, Edmonton is also home to numerous other public parks and has the largest concentration of elm trees in the world. Take a stroll or enjoy a picnic with loved ones—you can even order delivery from

Art Gallery Of Alberta

A must-see for art fans, the Art Gallery of Alberta is the oldest cultural institution available in the region. The gallery is dedicated to the preserving and exhibiting art and visual culture, and has over 6,000 objects which are both local and international. Exhibitions range from the deep history of Alberta to cutting edge innovationfor a full educational experience. Whether you are a veteran art historian or a casual observer, you are sure to find something which will impress you hidden within these walls. 

Royal Alberta Museum

Another one for history buffs, this museum, formerly known as the Provincial Museum of Alberta, was christened by Queen Elizabeth in 2005 when it received royal patronage. It is a dedication to natural history and offers displays showing off the best of wildlife, entomology, arachnology and other wonders of the natural world.