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Unique Date Ideas You Have to Try!

The early days of a relationship are full of exciting fun, heavy petting, and the world revolving around your beloved. Everything you do t...

The early days of a relationship are full of exciting fun, heavy petting, and the world revolving around your beloved. Everything you do together is glorious and romantic, from sharing breakfast in bed to the weekly shopping. As time goes on, however, life tends to take over, and it can be tricky to keep the spark alive. To help you out, we have put together a list of some of the most unusual dates you can enjoy with your significant other, to jolt you out of your routine and add some excitement back into your relationship! 


A huge part of a successful relationship is trust, and what better way to test this than throwing yourselves out of a plane? Skydiving is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more specialist companies are cropping up to cater to everything from bachelorette parties to birthday celebrations. If you have a big anniversary coming up, or just fancy doing something crazy, skydiving could bring you closer together and help to re-energize your relationship! 

Go fish

Sometimes, spending time in nature is a great way to get back to basics and concentrate on what is important. Getting out into the wide open ocean is a chance to get some perspective, and the lack of available Wi-Fi usually means you have actually have to talk to each other.

From whale watching to fishing trips, companies such as Best Damn Charters LLC allow you to get up close and personal, with a variety of marine life, and this can be a chance to enjoy a favorite hobby together, or discover a new mutual interest. Best of all, you can argue over who gets to cook the fish for dinner!

Make a fort and snuggle

If finances are looking low, and a budget is a struggle, why not spend some time together at home by doing something completely different. As children, many of us would spend hours creating the most elaborate fortresses out of anything we had available, and spend the rest of the day encased in our sanctuary.

While you may have enjoyed this pastime years ago, this can be an ideal date night idea. It allows you to spend time in close proximity, working together and having fun, before cuddling up to enjoy a takeout and movie in the confines of your very own cave. Dare to have fun and let go—you may be surprised at how closely it connects you. 

Feel the fear

An amusement park is a brilliant idea for a date; it offers adrenaline, fast rides, and the excuse to cling to each other when things get scary. Impress your partner by braving a terrifying rollercoaster and earn brownie points by winning a huge stuffed teddy bear on the fairground rides. This is a perfect combination of time to talk and active adventure and can help take you back to the initial excitement and rush of those early courtship days. Extra points if you revisit an old favorite!