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Why You Should Look After The Trees In Your Yard

Trees are often taken for granted. They look so strong and hardy standing in a garden or park. A tree’s appearance can be decepti...

Trees are often taken for granted. They look so strong and hardy standing in a garden or park. A tree’s appearance can be deceptive though.Many diseases and infestations along with unchecked growth can weaken a tree over the short and long term. Here are the reasons why you should always care for the trees in your garden.

Residential Tree Care

Your garden is one of the most significant selling points when the time comes to put your home on the market. Having beautiful shade trees in your yard can be a real head turner. If you have a well-established garden, the chances are that the trees are already quite old. They must be regularly maintained with trimming and pruning services.

It is a sad fact that no matter how strong and well maintained a tree is, it can be blown over during a storm. If this has happened to a tree in your yard and you live in Livingstone County, MI, services offering 24-hour tree removal in Brighton and beyond can remove the fallen trees and branches from your home. When you find an arborist/tree doctor that does excellent health analysis on the trees in your yard, keep their number handy for emergency call-outs in case of storm damage.

Parks And Other Recreational Areas

Municipal areas must also make regular check-ups on the trees in parks and especially playgrounds. Although most well planned public spaces have trees that have been carefully selected for their ability to withstand droughts and storms, they still need to be regularly pruned and trimmed. This maintenance is more important than people realize. If the branches are allowed to grow out too far and low, they could cause injury to the cyclists and joggers that use the public spaces to exercise.

Pruning is not the only service that should be prioritized in parks and playgrounds either. If the branches of trees are permitted to grow close to the ground, it would be possible for small children to climb up. If you see a park where the trees have branches low enough for small children to access, alert the appropriate authority to this danger immediately.

Public Access Areas

It’s always a pleasure to find a parking space that has the cooling breezes of a tree above it. Tree-lined streets and avenues are also refreshing places to walk. That is why it’s so essential to keep the trees in all public access areas healthy and well maintained. When a storm hits the area, healthy trees are not so prone to losing their branches or being blown down.

It is vital to obtain the services of a qualified and experienced tree specialist to maintain the trees in public spaces. Cheap, unqualified tree surgeons have destroyed so many areas of natural beauty along residential streets. They have attacked the trees with chainsaws and cut away all of the foliage. It can take a tree decades to recover from this.

Look after the trees near you so they will live for a long time.