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50 Things You Can Do For Pakistan (Or for Your Country)

John F Kennedy once said, “Ask not what the country can do for you, Ask what YOU can do for your country” If you are Citizen: ...

John F Kennedy once said, “Ask not what the country can do for you, Ask what YOU can do for your country”

If you are Citizen:

1.      Report Crimes/Corruptions and share Ideas on Citizen Portal. Watch this YouTube video about Citizen Portal

2.      Prefer buying local products to promote local economy. 

3.      Create awareness by telling everyone around you that each one of us has a role to play regardless of our financial, educational or cast status.

4.      Know and obey the laws. Traffic laws, tax laws, municipality laws, sale/purchase laws and so on. Those societies and countries grow faster where obedience of laws is ensured.

5.      Ensure cleanliness in your home, office, schools, parks, literally everywhere. Throw your waste only in the bins. All great nations avoid littering. Be one of them.

6.      Do something good for society within your capacity. Example: If you are doctor, provide free consultation to one patient (daily). If you are working professional, help your street watchman speak English. If you are a teacher, provide free education to one deserving child.

7.      Raise your voice when you see injustice, wrongful acts in societies.

8.      Reduce plastic consumptions. When shopping, use as less number of shopping bags as possible.

If you are an Expat:

9.      Send remittance to Pakistan via Pakistani channels/exchanges/banks. Report hundi/havala systems to respective authorities.

10.   Promote Pakistan’s image in your residence country. Join respective associations, groups and take active part in social gatherings.

11.   Try to find jobs for Pakistani’s in your office or business. Each Pakistani working outside Pakistan will contribute to the economy of Pakistan via remittance.

12.   Create job-based WhatsApp Groups for Pakistani people.

13.   Establish local monetary fund where each member contributes $5 per month. This fund can be used to support those expats whose families need urgent assistance (medical, educational or legal needs)

If you are Businessman/ Entrepreneur:

14.   A good leader with his/her effective business acumen produces more leaders, not more followers. Expand your business with the intention of creating more jobs to accommodating more people in your business. You will not only get reward from Allah but also receive blessings in your business. 

15.   Encourage people to join startup Facebook group for business. Check this awesome Facebook inspiring thousands of young entrepreneurs 

16.   Invest on new business ventures

17.   Pay your taxes honestly. Check your Tax Profile information which Govt of Pakistan has about you.

18.   Inspire and motivate international businessmen to invest in Pakistan.

19.   Bring best practices from your industry and implement in Pakistan. This improves the quality of services for consumer and also uplifts the local industry to the international standards.

20.   Develop consultancy business (providing guidance on business registrations, assistance for tax filing, legal counselling, documentation management, IT services, professional trainings and so on). This will open doors of new jobs.

21.   Hire internees and help them develop job-based skills and provide them exposure to serve in international markets.

If you are a Web Enthusiast:

22.   Website Developer: Create websites to promote image of Pakistan.

23.   Blogger: Write as many good articles as possible on:

a.      Pakistan tourism

b.      Pakistan’s Role in the world

c.      Pakistan Trade

24.   Spread awareness about online jobs such as graphics designers, blogging, app development, SEO, affiliate marketing. This is multi-billion dollar industry and unfortunately Pakistan’s share is almost nil.

If you are Educationalist:

25.   Work on increasing of IT certifications across Pakistan

26.   Work on promoting vocational skills such as KPK board

27.   Work with website developer to place all free / paid certifications and promote it via local print media, social media and electronic media.

28.   While Urdu defines our concreate foundation, promote English as much as possible. Our neighboring countries are grabbing much more services businesses in international markets due to better English skills.

29.   Promote skill based domestic / national clubs such as robotics, DIYs, ac repairing etc.

If you are a Project Manager:

30.   Work on Penetration of PMP, PRINCE2, SCRUM Project Management Certifications in your respective cities. Try to create a force of project managers in your localities who can apply professional knowledge and best practices in what they do (even in small organizations)

31.   Work on Process Enhancement. Write articles on process enhancement from your life experience. Example: if you visited a restaurant, you might have noticed the process of handling and serving customers. Process for customer handling at bank etc.

If you are Web Developer:

32.   Promote games having pictures/videos of Pakistan.

33.   Develop English apps containing books from Pakistani philosophers, scientists etc. 

34.   Establish websites where scholarships from across the world are published. This will be helpful for our youth to go for international universities for advance studies.

35.   Establish forums to promote online jobs across Pakistani youth. (Graphics designing, editing, SEO, IT, app development, online teaching and so on)

If you are Philanthropist:

36.   Feed a fish to fix the hunger for one day. Teach how to catch fish to fix the hunger permanently. Instead of charity consider working on job creation

a.      Buy a rickshaw for someone

b.      Open a shop for jobless person

c.      Buy sewing machine for widows

d.      Open tandoor for someone.

37.   Genuine cause of charity should not be stopped such as patient support, widows support, orphans support etc.

38.   Visit nearest school and take ownership of educational fee for as many orphan kids as possible. This will ensure orphan continues studying in the school.

39.   Sponsor a dialysis machine in nearest hospital. Sponsor surgeries or medicine support.

If you are a Journalist:

40.   For God’s sake, stop writing on useless political subjects (aaj Nawaz sharif nay jail main aam khaiy, asif ali zardari nay namaz parhi) and political character assassinations (Maryam nay aisay bayan day dia kay Imran Khan sharam kay maray doob gya ho ga).

41.   Start writing on great causes such as science, IT, innovation, robotics, ideas, business, sports, certifications, skills, entrepreneurship, leadership, career, jobs, parenting, social causes, poverty, health, jobs, construction industry, new products, books review, affiliate marketing, top 10 of everything, investment ideas and many others.

42.   Arrange TV shows on genuine causes such as:

a.      how to resolve electricity crisis,

b.      how court system works,

c.      how to digitize our Government processes and systems,

d.      how to automate driving licensing,

e.      how to start business registration process)

43.   Show innovative news from great countries on youth, economy, business and technology, sports etc.  

Miscellaneous Ideas:

44.   Establish registered NGOs to work on Poverty, Health, Child abuse, under age work.

45.   Youth Development Program

46.   Eliminate begging

47.   Adopt an orphan

48.   Sponsor poor kids education

49.   Volunteer for cleaning your area park, market or school

50.   Establish NGOs on child abuse, rural woman health, drugs and tobacco eradication, nutritional deficiency

Final Thoughts:

Above all, please be honest on everything you do. A nation cannot grow until we bring honesty and excellence in our day to day tasks. Don’t escape from your responsibilities at work or home. Submit yourself to God and adapt the ultimate principles of honesty, generosity, positivity and union. 

Article Written by Junaid Tahir