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Quranic Park Dubai - Location, Ticket, Images, Review and General Information

Introduction: Quranic Park Dubai is another regional and cultural attraction for Muslims and non-Muslims living in or visiting to Dubai...


Quranic Park Dubai is another regional and cultural attraction for Muslims and non-Muslims living in or visiting to Dubai, UAE. This is basically a Quran-inspired purpose-built park that offers variety of information based on the miracles and stories mentioned in Quran as well as information about plants, seeds, fruits and vegetation according to Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic).

General information:

Park Name: Quranic Park, Dubai (حدیقہ القرانیه)
Location: Khawaneej / Mizhar Dubai
Entrance Fee: 10AED [3 Years and above]
General Communication Language: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi
Video Demonstration: Arabic
GPS coordinates: See Below

The Park Consists of following Sections:

1- Cave Building - pictures below
2- Glass Building / Glass House - pictures below
3- Large Pass-through Fountain - pictures below
4- Large size Garden and different species of birds
5- Plantation Area (outdoor)
6- Canteen, Washrooms and Praying Area.

Cave Building:

A beautifully designed building (with cave theme off course) having large screens in different sections showing animations based on the stories and miracles mentioned in the Quran. Some of them are:

1- Prophet Sulaiman AS
2- Prophet Jesus / Issa AS
3- Prophet Uzair AS
4- Prophet Muhammed PBUH

Glass Building:

This is an awesome piece of architecture made up of glass; fully air-conditioned. This building contains plants and lots of greenery (based on Quran and Sunnah), wooden bridge, wooden stairs, praying area, informative sign boards and water fountains.

Quranic Park Dubai Images

Main Entrance Image:

Cave Building Images:

Glass House Images:

Garden Images:

Quranic Park Review and Feedback:

Quran park is an inspirational and informational place to visit and learn from. I would like to provide my feedback to the concerned authorities below:

1- As the two main buildings (Cave and Glass) are 150 to 200 meter apart, it is suggested to provide a shaded passage to avoid direct sun in summer.
2- The video demonstrations are in Arabic language. Please add English sub-titles to the videos.
3- While prayer area is available in Glass Building, please construct a mosque of adequate size where people can perform prayer with Jama'h.
4- Some informative sign boards, digital displays should be installed covering more information about Quran and scientific researches which are based on Quran.
5- Please consider adding some more aspects for spiritual journey.

Bonus Tip:

If you would like to perform a prayer near Quranic Park, please do visit a beautiful mosque (Ahmed Al Habaai) - click here to reach

By Junaid Tahir