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Doctors or Greedy Businessmen?

By Junaid Tahir, Recently a news has been published in an Indian newspaper according to which some renowned doctors ...

Recently a news has been published in an Indian newspaper according to which some renowned doctors have resigned from their posts in New Delhi. The reason being, their CEO or CFO have been pushing them to increase hospital earnings through following approaches:
  1. Converting the minor injuries cases to Operational Procedure. That means when a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, the hospital earns huge money in comparison to what the patient pays for the normal consultancy fees.
  2. Extending the duration of  in-patients' stay in hospital so that earnings of hospital can be increased because of medical and general facilities provided to the patients for the extended time.
  3. Instead of suggesting healthy life-style (diet change and exercise) to avoid becoming sugar patients, starting diabetes medicines for the people who are on the verge of developing diabetes . (There is a test through which one can find out if he has the chances of becoming diabetes patient).
  4. Giving costly medicines (such as antibiotics / BP control /anti-acids etc.) even if the customer may only need anti-allergy or basic off-the-shelf medicine.
  5. Creating emotional situation to convert normal pregnancy cases to procedural deliveries.
  6. Prescribing costly branded medicines (as doctors and hospitals get percentage based commission for each medicine sold). 
Commentary: Medical profession has turned into huge money-making business. The patients are treated as money-making machines.  Huge amount of revenue is generated with above mentioned tricks / approaches.

While respective authorities take notice of it, here are some recommendations for you to consider as patients:
  1. Before you visit your doctor, do a little online research about your symptoms. (You may have an instant issue which could heal itself in a week time automatically). Yes, your body is capable of fighting a lot of diseases naturally.
  2. Ask the doctor a lot of questions about your symptoms giving him the message that you have the proper back-ground knowledge, so he won't be able to deceive you.
  3. Ask the doctor if you can bypass the medicines or use minimal dosage of medicines to recover.
  4. If the doctor prescribes you a lot of medical tests, ask him the reasoning for each test on how important this test is?
  5. If the doctor concludes that you have a specific disease such as high BP, Diabetes, heart issue or any other chronic disease, then do consider taking second opinion to be sure about it, because visiting a second doctor gives you a lot of exposure about your health concern and enables you to have better decision on what needs to be done for recovery. 
With the hope that respective ministries and authorities are setting strong mechanisms to eradicate and minimize this issue, you need to know that your health as well as your money are very precious, hence do not let anyone play with or steal your valuable possessions at any cost. 
Wishing you the best of health, a happy and healthy body, mind and soul !