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How to Keep Your Team Motivated During COVID -19

Employees are the most critical aspect of any organization. Undoubtedly, motivated employees work better to produce a higher ...

Employees are the most critical aspect of any organization. Undoubtedly, motivated employees work better to produce a higher work turnout that benefits the organization. However, less motivated employees can be a hindrance to the growth and profitability of an organization. Since time has a way of throwing the unexpected into our paths, COVID-19 brought a lot of changes in the normal operations of many organizations around the globe. 

While many employees struggle to make necessary adjustments to remain relevant in a changing system of operation, the responsibility rests on their employers' shoulders to perfect the essential things in the successful operation of the organization. Below are several suggestions on how to keep employees motivated during a pandemic.

Make Employees Feel Wanted

Communication is vital for any professional relationship. It is essential that employees understand their value in the organization. Many organizations are creating COVID-19 task forces to focus their time on employee messaging and acting on feedback. The working principle is simple. 

Employees can cope easily relative to the number of information you share on their safety and that of other employees and stakeholders within the organization. The employees will also appreciate the empathy shown and work hard to maintain their targets despite the impediments to their working process. Simple statistics on the effects of COVID-19 or the precautionary measures to be taken by every employee shows how much you care. 

The organization should also seek employee input on how future operations need to be. It is easier to work through a program you helped institute rather than adapt to a forced curriculum. Most importantly, it is the responsibility of the organization and its employers to provide appropriate guidance to their employees to cope with the new changes properly.

Encourage Teamwork

It will benefit the organization to employ every tool at its disposal to have employees solve problems through working together. Understand that some employees have experience operating secondary collaborative tools, and others do not. Their differences can be streamlined through appropriate guidance procedures and established by teamwork. 

To further appreciate the input of teamwork to an organization, we need to understand what is agile coaching. Teamwork would be useless without an empowered and adaptable culture. An agile coach in an organization will institute values and principles that confer empowerment in your teams in this pandemic. With the appropriate resources, an organization will be able to mentor, teach, and facilitate all professional coaching and training for its employees.
The incorporation of agile coaching in your organization's working during this pandemic will ensure the teams have a role model to emulate in their operation. The organization benefits from the information collected during this process, and employees are guaranteed motivation, vision, and wisdom.

Identify and Reward Exemplary Performance

The employer must always have the interests of the employees at heart. There is nothing more encouraging than appreciation on a job done excellently. Therefore, employers must recognize all outstanding performances by the employees within the organization and develop a program to reward them.
It is a fact that people can do extraordinary things during a crisis while showing extreme levels of kindness. A successful organization does not capitalize on kindness without any form of appreciation. Appreciation is not always unidirectional, and employers should encourage their employees to applaud their coworkers for going the extra mile while helping a customer or a fellow employee. 

This can take the form of sharing employees' success stories to instill the positive impacts of a great labor force into the organization. Sometimes, just showing your employees that the work they do is meaningful for the organization's overall production is enough to motivate them into greatness.
In conclusion, these times are hard for every aspect of the production and service delivery industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has instituted a number of restrictions on the normal operations of businesses around the globe. To remain operational and continue to make profits, organizations need to change and adapt to the new normal. 

A concrete starting point in the adaptation of employers and their organizations is the motivation of employees to continue carrying out organizational duties. Employers need to motivate employees to remain relevant in a competitive business environment. This can be accomplished through constant communication and appreciation.