1. Spending a large amount of time with someone literally causes you to pick up their habits. Choose your friends wisely!
2. Having at least one "Lazy day" per week can help reduce stress, high blood pressure, stroke.
3. People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better, both physical and emotional.
4. Tears don't come when you miss a person but they come when you don't want to miss a person.
5. Love doesn't start in the morning & doesn't end in the evening. It starts when you don't need it & it ends when you need it most.
6. No one is ever busy in his/her life. Its all about Priorities.
7. 90% of what you think alters and controls your overall mood each day. It only takes one negative thought to ruin your mood.
8. Remember that people will always question the good things they hear about you, and believe the bad ones without a second thought.
9. Psychology says, one of the hardest tasks for the human mind is convincing yourself that you no longer care. 

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